Dressing Up with Dippy

I’ve gotten so used to working from home that I can’t remember the last time that I made an effort to dress up in proper clothes. On the rare occasions that I need to turn on my laptop’s camera during work calls, I at least try to wear a good polo shirt to look decent, but for the rest of the time it’s just me and my worn out pajamas.

I rarely leave the house since the pandemic happened. The last time that I had to go out and face the “outside world” was when I had to go to Makati for work. I took this chance to wear my new shirt from Dippy Apparel since I never really had the need to wear it until then.

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One realization that I had is that a medium size doesn’t fit me anymore. The quarantine really took its toll on me. I stress-ate a lot and it shows! But despite the obvious weight gain, I’m glad that I still looked good in my blue Dippy Apparel shirt. The large size was a comfortable fit, and I liked the quality of the fabric too!

If you want to check out their other designs, visit Dippy Apparel’s Facebook page here. The designs appear to be Japanese inspired. One that really caught my eye was the white shirt that has what appears to be a Great Teacher Onizuka design at the back! I would have loved to get that one but unfortunately, it was out of stock.

Going out after a long time of being stuck at home made me realize how much I miss the “old normal”. It’s hard to believe that I’d miss something as mundane as ironing my shirt or choosing what socks to wear to prepare for work. I really pray that this pandemic comes to an end soon.