What you missed in Best Food Forward 2015

Going to Best Food Forward is already starting to become a yearly habit for me. It’s quite understandable really, given that I’m fond of going on food fairs and bazaars so I can experience the lesser-known yet equally tasty gems of foodie-dom. 
This year’s Best Food Forward was still held at the Rockwell tent just like last year. If you weren’t able to make it last October 10 or 11, here’s what you missed from one of the most anticipated food events in the metro:
This brewed coffee in a bottle;
this doughnut – ice cream hybrid (which I LOVED, by the way);


…and more spreads 
this barbecue of brownies and marshmallows;

this burger which had more veggies than I would have preferred;

and this other burger that looked just right;
these sausages from all over the world;

this sinful yet tasty combo;

sinking your teeth on these crunchy waffles with bacon (yes, CRUNCHY and yes, BACON!);

making a mess of your small table;

that oozing cheese;
that hard to resist bagnet;
and this amazing crowd;

and finally, you missed this happy Geoffrey!

See you next year! ^_^

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