The Winners of Foodgasm 2015: Foodgasm Goes to Maginhawa

The rain wasn’t enough to hold us back from going on a food-trip along Maginhawa, and get a taste of some of the latest dishes that foodies have to watch out for.  I treaded Maginhawa Street last October 17, to judge the food-business participants of Foodgasm 2015. It was a wet and cold day but I didn’t mind – not with exciting specialty dishes lined-up for my tasting.

On bed-weather days like the one we had last weekend, I’d usually just curl up in bed and get comfy under the covers. But this time it was different, because how can I resist the call of good food? Despite the uncooperative weather, most of the food-businesses were eager to present their specialties to the attendees, and I can tell that they’re proud of what they have to offer.
Judging was tough, especially if you have 40 entries to choose from. Here are some of the most memorable samples:

Lechon – Pizza by Crazy Chef

Decorative Cakes by Empire Cakes

These colorful burgers by Meal Point Burger House
The Bongga Hangovurger by Big B Burgers
Double Bagent by Bagnet Rice Patong

These simple yet tasty Teriflakes by Teritopps

Chili-infused Silly Chocolate Cupcakes

I’m happy to know that some of my choices ended up as winners! I present to you the winners of Foodgasm Goes to Maginhawa:
Set A: Hangovurger by Big B
Set B: Blueberry Cheesecake by Chewy Treats by Claire
Set A: Double Bagnet by Bagnet Rice Patong
Set B: Beef Kebab by Mandi Persian Grill
Set A: Silly Chocolate Cupcake by The Fahrenheit
Set B: Lechon Bagnet by CrazyChef
Set A: Hangovurger by Big B
Set B: Blueberry Cheesecake by Chewy Treats by Claire

Congratulations! 😀
Foodgasm 2015 participants:
Crazy Chef | Food Clinique | Big B Burgers | Bagnet Rice Patong | Food Vine | Brazo | CJSS Griddle Steak and Chicken House | Dorissimo Cakes | FAT Cupcake | Saj’s Cakes and Pastries | The Fahrenheit | Chalkolate PH | Cookie ng Ina Mo | Blush Pastries by H&S | Pat’s Foodcart Enterprise | Maniego’s Plate | Teritopps | Egg-it Asian Street Food | Bugle Boy | Mandi’s Persian Grill | Meal Point Burger House | Mister Miswa | Only The Best Cafe and Dining | DonDay | Branda’s Canteen | Master Bakers | Lola Seseng | FAT Cupcake | Keyks by Kai | Empire Cakes | Sancho Churreria Manila | Chewy Treats by Claire | Chef’s Hub Enterprise | Beeth’s Oven

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