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Don’t Swipe Left on These Hot Savings! Chill Out with These Awesome Summer Food Deals


The summer heat is upon us, and in the Philippines, one of the most popular ways to beat it is by hanging out in SM Malls. We seek refuge in the cool, air-conditioned spaces of SM, which I say has already become somewhat like a tradition for us Filipinos. It’s not just about escaping the relentless heat; it’s also about creating moments of respite and enjoyment amidst the sweltering temperatures. The inviting chill of the mall calls you, offering a place where families, friends, and individuals alike can gather, shop, and of course – eat!

For many, summer in the Philippines isn’t just about surviving the heat; it’s about savoring the season’s flavors. From refreshing beverages that quench your thirst to indulgent desserts that provide a sweet escape, SM Malls offer a diverse array of culinary delights to suit every craving. And the best part? You can now elevate your mall experience further by taking advantage of the incredible deals and discounts available exclusively with Swipe Coupons on the SM Malls Online app!

  • Koomi: Quench your thirst with a refreshing treat from Koomi and enjoy a 10% discount on regular-sized drinks with a minimum purchase of 300 pesos. Whether you crave an Aussie blend (tangier) or a Filipino blend (cremier mix), Koomi has you covered.

  • Chowking: Dig into this iconic Filipino dessert, Halo-halo, at Chowking! Buy 2 Halo-halo Supreme (small) and get 1 for free, all for just 140 pesos. Indulge in layers of sweet treats that will surely cool you down in the summer heat.
  • Serenitea: Experience a burst of flavor with Serenitea’s Refreshing Cloud Coconut Drinks, for as low as 140 pesos. These delightful beverages will transport you to a tropical paradise with every sip.

  • Tealive: Treat yourself to a delightful combination at Tealive. Purchase the Nutty Delight Large or Regular Series and receive an Original Milk Tea Jr. for free! It’s the perfect way to enjoy two of your favorite drinks in one visit.

  • Krispy Kreme: For those with a sweet tooth, Krispy Kreme has a special offer for you! Get 100 pesos off on dozen doughnuts, so there’s more to share with friends and family.

Whether you’re craving a cold drink, a sweet dessert, or a savory snack, these summer food deals will help you stay refreshed and satisfied. Plus, with the convenience of the SM Malls Online app, you can easily browse through these Swipe Coupons and redeem them during your next mall visit. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the SM Malls Online app here and search for your favorite deals.
  2. Head to the nearest SM Mall and present the Swipe Coupon from the SM Malls Online App once in-store to redeem the promo or offer.
  3. Please note that the store personnel must witness the coupon being swiped in the SM Malls Online App to validate the redemption or purchase.
  4. The promo should be redeemed in-store within 20 minutes of swiping the coupon in the SM Malls Online App
  5. Each coupon corresponds to one purchase of the promo, product, or service.

These summer treats are not just about saving money; they’re about enhancing your summer experience with delicious flavors and cool treats. With the convenience of the SM Malls Online App, you can easily browse through these exclusive Swipe Coupons, plan your mall visits, and make the most out of your summer outings. Hurry, download the SM Malls online app today and start enjoying these amazing offers before they melt away!


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