Summertime in Singapore: Day 4


In spite of us falling in love with Singapore in just a few days (the smooth traffic and the friendly cab drivers are a total breather from the congestion of Manila), Day 4 would have us saying goodbye to the Lion City . Grace went ahead on an earlier flight, while I stayed behind with the other girls to make the most of our last day.

Catching the Creative Bug at Haji Lane

Haji Lane looked just like a worn-down alley at night, but in the morning it transforms into a colorful street that hispters and OOTD takers would love. The whole street felt like an art gallery, and is lined-up with shops that also have creative facades of their own.
What Haji Lane looks like at night.



What it is in the morning.













I got three of these  – Joker, Daft Punk, and a Storm Trooper. Kinda pricey but I’m happy! ^^

Ice Cream at Ion Orchard

Haji Lane ate a bulk of our time with all the pictures we took, and with a few hours to spare we headed to Ion Orchard just to try the famous 1 dollar ice cream sandwich along Orchard Road. Apparently, it now costs SGD 1.20.


Peppermint Choc Chip




Happy kid is happy!
Time was running out, and we didn’t want to be running for our flight like what happened in the first day, so it was straight the airport right after Orchard Road.
It was a short yet sweet trip to Singapore, and definitely one of the most fun out-of-the-country trips I’ve had. Sometimes, all you need is good company and you’re sure to have a blast.



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