Sinfully Sweet: Chocolate 101 at Enderun Colleges

What’s better than chocolate? Learning how to make your own chocolates!
I think I died for a moment last September 29 because I felt like I was in chocolate heaven!  We were treated to a sinfully sweet live demo by Chef Mai Ote at Enderun Colleges, where we learned how to prepare some of our most well-loved chocolate recipes. Gosh, thinking just about it right now is making me crave for some truffles!
Chef Mai Ote, tempting us some more by asking us to watch closer.
Feels like this was taken straight from a cooking show on TV!
Mind you, this wasn’t a simple cooking demo where you just learn how to prepare certain specialty dishes. We also got to learn a lot of facts and trivia about chocolate, as well as a few tips and tricks in preparing and handling your very own chocolate goodies. 
Don’t you just wish that this was your kitchen right now?
A blower in the kitchen. Can you guess what this was used for?

Here is an overview of what we covered that day:

  • Chocolate Trivia / History (This is the warm-up. I understand that you want to get right down to business but patience man, patience.)
  • Couverture vs. Compound (Hey, you should at least know what you’re eating).
  • Handling and Proper Storage of Chocolate (Learn why you can’t use a whisk when handling chocolate).
  • Tempering Demo (We learned a trick where we used our lips…YES LIPS! to check if chocolate is already tempered enough).
  • The Fun Part (Making and EATING chocolates! Woohoo!)
Fellow bloggers Mar and Jel using their lips for tempering.
TrufflePops! I’ll put several in one stick, then I can have Trufflecues!

Potato Chips and Dried Mangoes dipped in chocolate. Nothing can be more sinfully tasty than this!
Cranberry and walnuts on white chocolate

Not all that glitters is gold…some of them are chocolate. 
Now I just need chocolate teacups.

Chocolate Rice. Your diet is no match for this!

Don’t feel bad if you missed this one, Enderun will be having another Chocolate 101 session on October 19, 2013, 9AM  – 12NN at the Enderun Colleges. Here are the rest of the details:
Workshop Fee: Php 1,500.00 per participant
Contact Details
Phone: +63917 881 1217
Landline: (632) 856 5000 local 505

Enderun Colleges Address: 1100 Campus Avenue, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Taguig, 1634, Philippines


  1. I laughed at the mention of trufflecue. Teehee.

    Enderun's classes are truly amazing, I find them to pricey though, but anyway, they are using the finest ingredients, yeah?

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