simple tiramisu recipe

Simple Tiramisu Recipe: How to Make Tiramisu with Graham Crackers

It was on a lazy weekend when I half-heartedly opened my fridge and stared blankly at the emptiness. All that’s inside was a liter of grape juice, some garlic and onions, a few bottles of Yakult, and a handful of eggs. I knew I needed to put more stuff inside, otherwise this fridge is just going to be an expensive ice-maker.
I was never the cook type, and I have always loved eating much more than cooking. But on that particular weekend I’ve had a sudden surge of inspiration to make my own food– that and the fact that I needed to make use of my fridge.
As if the universe was conspiring, I also happened to come from a cooking demo by Nestlé All Purpose Cream where my fellow bloggers and I learned how to make Chicken Adobo with Cream (more about that on a separate blog post), and the event organizers were generous enough to give us samples to take home.  Now what can I do with a 250ml box of Nestle All Purpose Cream?
simple tiramisu recipe
Mango Float first came to mind. I remember my older sister used to make the best mango float (well to me at least) during the holidays. But since I’ve just had mango float the week before, I tried to be a little bit more adventurous and experimented on making a tiramisu.

Simple Tiramisu Recipe

Here are the ingredients that I used:
  • ·      250ml Nestlé All Purpose Cream
  • ·      250ml Alaska Condensed Milk
  • ·      A 200g pack of MY San Grahams
  • ·      Vanilla Flavoring
  • ·      Cream Cheese
  • ·      Nescafé powder
  • ·      Choco or cocoa powder
how to make tiramisu easy
Tiramisu is traditionally prepared with broas or lady fingers, but since I had leftover grahams from last week, I decided to use those as an alternative.
  • 1.     Mix the 250ml Nestlé All Purpose Cream and 250ml Alaska Condensed Milk in a bowl. You may add more condensed milk if you prefer the mixture to be sweeter. Make sure that both of these ingredients are chilled before you mix them.
  • 2.     Add half of the 200g pack of cream cheese to the cream-milk mixture. Whip thoroughly so the cream cheese blends perfectly into the mix.
  • 3.     Prepare a warm cup of coffee and add a just a little bit of sugar.
  • 4.     Dip the grahams into the coffee, just enough to get it wet. Don’t soak the grahams as they’ll end up getting soggy.
  • 5.     Lay the first layer of the tiramisu using the coffee-dipped grahams.
  • 6.     Add a second layer with the cream mixture.
  • 7.     Repeat this process of layering until the container is filled. The last layer has to be made of the cream mixture.
  • 8.     Sprinkle chocolate or cocoa powder on top of the last layer of cream mixture.
  • 9.     Chill for 3-4 hours.
And that’s it! Easy peasy yeah?
Simple tiramisu recipe
To be fair the finished product tasted great! It has just the right sweetness with a hint of bitter every now and then. Also looks pretty decent, if you ask me.
This recipe is good for 5 – 6 servings (although I’d have no problem finishing the whole thing on my own).