simple tiramisu recipe

Simple Tiramisu Recipe: How to Make Tiramisu with Graham Crackers


It was on a lazy weekend when I half-heartedly opened my fridge and stared blankly at the emptiness. All that’s inside was a liter of grape juice, some garlic and onions, a few bottles of Yakult, and a handful of eggs. I knew I needed to put more stuff inside, otherwise this fridge is just going to be an expensive ice-maker.

I was never the cook type, and I have always loved eating much more than cooking. But on that particular weekend I’ve had a sudden surge of inspiration to make my own food– that and the fact that I needed to make use of my fridge.

As if the universe was conspiring, I also happened to come from a cooking demo by Nestlé All Purpose Cream where my fellow bloggers and I learned how to make Chicken Adobo with Cream (more about that on a separate blog post), and the event organizers were generous enough to give us samples to take home.  Now what can I do with a 250ml box of Nestle All Purpose Cream?

Mango Float first came to mind. I remember my older sister used to make the best mango float (well to me at least) during the holidays. But since I’ve just had mango float the week before, I tried to be a little bit more adventurous and experimented on making a tiramisu.

Simple Tiramisu Recipe

Here are the ingredients that I used:

  • 250ml Nestlé All Purpose Cream
  • 250ml Alaska Condensed Milk
  • A 200g pack of MY San Grahams
  • Vanilla Flavoring
  • Cream Cheese
  • Nescafé powder
  • Choco or cocoa powder

Tiramisu is traditionally prepared with broas or lady fingers, but since I had leftover grahams from last week, I decided to use those as an alternative.


  1. Mix the 250ml Nestlé All Purpose Cream and 250ml Alaska Condensed Milk in a bowl. You may add more condensed milk if you prefer the mixture to be sweeter. Make sure that both of these ingredients are chilled before you mix them.
  2. Add half of the 200g pack of cream cheese to the cream-milk mixture. Whip thoroughly so the cream cheese blends perfectly into the mix.
  3. Prepare a warm cup of coffee and add a just a little bit of sugar.
  4. Dip the grahams into the coffee, just enough to get it wet. Don’t soak the grahams as they’ll end up getting soggy.
  5. Lay the first layer of the tiramisu using the coffee-dipped grahams.
  6. Add a second layer with the cream mixture.
  7. Repeat this process of layering until the container is filled. The last layer has to be made of the cream mixture.
  8. Sprinkle chocolate or cocoa powder on top of the last layer of cream mixture.
  9. Chill for 3-4 hours.

And that’s it! Easy peasy yeah?

To be fair the finished product tasted great! It has just the right sweetness with a hint of bitter every now and then. Also looks pretty decent, if you ask me.

This recipe is good for 5 – 6 servings (although I’d have no problem finishing the whole thing on my own).


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