OLX Sellebrate Summer: The Ultimate Summer Naksperience Promo

I’ve recently been expressing online my woes about the unbearable heat brought by summer, especially with the fact that I start sweating right after I step out of the shower. But then again I thought to myself that there’s another side to summer’s heat – like having another excuse to eat more ice cream, or a reason to go to the beach. Why not focus on these instead, yeah?

With this, I’ve recently been planning a trip with my friends to Boracay, Palawan, Baguio, or maybe even re-visit Bantayan beach at Cebu. Aside from getting some Vitamin-Sea, I’m also looking forward to going on a food trip on these popular destinations, as most of the restaurants I’ve been visiting are only within Metro Manila. Just the thought of Cebu’s lechon makes me want to book a flight ASAP!

To fulfill this sudden yearning to go to the beach, and satisfy my craving for local cuisine, I got my eye on OLX’ ultimate #NAKSPERIENCE summer promo, where old and new users have chances of winning Php 50,000 to Php 100,000 shopping spree on OLX or a trip for 4 to Boracay, Cebu, Palawan, and Batanes! These are must-visit summer destinations so they’re all perfect reasons to “SELLebrate”!

Getting a raffle entry is easy peasy:
1.     Register in the promo microsite
2.     Post an ad or sell an item through the mobile app
3.     Add the hashtag #Naksperience on the product description
4.     Items posted for selling must be of good quality and AT LEAST be of one hundred pesos (Php100.00) in value and price

Weekly Draw: Two (2) winners of a Php 50,000.00 buying spree on OLX Philippines each
Grand Draw: One (1) winner of a Php 100,000.00 buying spree on OLX Philippines and a trip for 4 to places like Boracay, Cebu, Palawan, Batanes
To get myself prepped-up for the food trip I wish to have on these places (I’m going whether I win or not..lol) I might have to get a new phone with a better camera, as my trusty Galaxy Note 3 is over two years old already. Gotta have those #FoodPorn pictures of great quality to capture the Naksperience in detail, right? I’ll be selling my old Galaxy Note 3 soon so I can upgrade to a Note 5. Let me know if you’re interested yeah?

Contest is open until April 8, 2016. Visit Naksperience.com to know more about the campaign.

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