They say those who are brave are unafraid
Fearlessly face the path they are laid
Stouthearted and bold, adventure excites them,
Hurls each day’s challenge, right back at ‘em!
Those who brave the urban jungle are not just survivors
They conquer the city, they are urban winners!
One time I had to go on this Singapore trip
It was my second time, should be easy, you might think
But then there was a catch, a challenge I must face
I must go on my own, no companion but my suitcase!
It was my first solo trip, so you can imagine
The worry and the fear, the dread and the tension!
I took a deep breath, convinced I must go
Overcome the fear of travelling solo
“It’s a personal adventure, one for the books!”
But a suitcase won’t be enough, too small from the looks
I needed a reliable storage to keep my equipment
So I brought my Urbanize bag, spaciously efficient!

#IAmUrbanBrave. Please watch in HD

Aside from the clothes, the food, and the toiletries
I had to bring along my vlogging necessities
A mirrorless camera, my tripod, and a stabilizer
Fit nice and perfectly, there’s even room for my chargers!
A space for my laptop, and extra camera lenses
Such a lifesaver, what a convenience this bag is!
I traveled alone with my Urbanize bag, full but not heavy
It was sturdy and tough, reliable and trusty
Each step was a dare, at first nervous and shaky
But I treaded the streets, explored and braved SG!
I went to Cloud Forest, mesmerized by Gardens by the Bay,
Went on a foodtrip, snacked on delicious satay,
Universal Studios, Slappy Cakes, and National Kitchen,
Trick Eye Museum was a trippy experience!
At Arteastiq I had tea, and made my own painting
A walk along Orchard Road, led to some unexpected shopping!
Trick Eye Museum
Trick Eye Museum


Slappy Cakes

I took pictures at Haji Lane, a few OOTDs
The locals didn’t seem to mind my shameless selfies!
With my cameras on the ready, my equipment in tow,
Stored securely inside my Urbanize bag like a pro
I cherished every moment, preserved my solo adventure
Thanks to my trusty Urbanize, safe and secure.
Who knew I’d be brave enough to travel alone
But I can, and I did, to the world I have shown!
With the right bag and gear, any place can be chartered
The urban jungle is just another adventure I’ve conquered
Excite and explore, affect change and make waves
Adventure awaits me, #IamUrbanBrave.


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