Giving in: Nestle Temptations Flavors of the World Festival


Ask me what my favourite dessert is and I’ll always say its ice cream. As a guy who sometimes has dessert for dinner, you can tell that I’ve already tried a lot of sweet stuff *ahem, wink wink*, but nothing makes me reminisce of my sweet childhood like ice cream does. You can say that aside from the taste, it’s the actual experience of having ice cream that makes it my favourite dessert.
This is why I wasn’t able to resist when I was invited to be a part of Nestle Temptations’ Flavors of the World Festival. How can I say no when they’re telling me that I’m going to have a “New and Irresistible Ice Cream Experience?” I felt like I had no choice. The temptation was too strong; it left me saying “YES!”
I got to Bonifacio High Street at some time past 7PM, and boy the place felt like there’s some splendid festivity going on! There were booths, performances, and beautiful people everywhere! I’d like to think that I blended right in. One thing caught my attention quite longer though: Free. Ice. Cream. I headed right over to the sampling booth and as I was taking my time to decide which one I want to try first, I realized what this whole festivity is about.

Apparently, Nestle has launched this summer their latest surprise for ice cream lovers like me! It’s the Nestle Temptations Flavors of the World series – a range of premium ice cream that celebrates famous desserts around the world! Fresh flavors inspired by famous French, Italian, and Belgian desserts. These babies are aptly named; they’re just too tempting to resist!
French Salted Caramel
Savor the Parisian sensuality of French salted caramel ice cream with ribbons of caramel ripple.
Italian Coffee Affogato
Reminisce the taste of Italy and experience affogato in ice cream flavour – a swirl of espresso-flavoured ice cream and vanilla-flavoured ice cream, blended with cashew nuts and chocolate chips.

Belgian Chocolate Praline
Find yourself transported to a chocolate shop and experience chocolate praline made with ice cream.
And it’s not just that. The Nestle ice cream flavours we already know also got an upgrade! Now creamier, smoother, and more flavorful. I tasted them (because yes, I wanted to taste ALL of them), and they did have the right balance of taste and texture, delivering a complete indulging experience. They got a classy new look too!
I think after trying these new and exciting flavours, I may be having a totally different experience now every time I have ice cream. So much for the kiddy stuff. I’m older now, time to get sexy!

After the event, we took home some freebies! Yay! More ice cream!
Ooohh… Shiny!
There’s no use trying to resist, my friend. Just give in and say YES!


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