Funny or F*cked Up?: What is Up with Oishi’s Comics?

Depending on whether you’re a targeted audience or not, you may have already seen one of the comic-strip posts by the Oishi PH Facebook Page, which in spite of the cute characters and illustrations, actually show a relatively darker story.

Case in point – the comic strips have character resembling Oishi snacks, with stories often ending up with one snack eating the other. Yep, cannibalism…well sortof.

The posts are presented in a humorous, comical way. Personally, I didn’t mind and I think that the nature and style of the posts are part of their charm. To me these are somehow reminiscent of illustrations by Joan Cornella, or the cute but brutal comic-strips of Cyanide and Happiness. To each his own, yeah?
This Independence Day post gives “sacrificing yourself for your country” a whole new meaning
Whoever wrote this is not a a fan of happy endings.
Was this also the reason why recess time is your “favourite subject”?
One of my deep dark fears

There are still a bunch of these “funny” posts on the Oishi Facebook page so you may want to check it out if this is your brand of humour.
What do you think of these kinds of posts by Oishi? Is it Funny? Creative? Or F*cked up?

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