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22 Filipino Food TikTokers (TikTok Influencers) You Should Follow Today


22 Filipino Food TikTokers (TikTok Influencers) You Should Follow Today: TikTok has already evolved greatly these past years. It has now become a multi-interest platform, with various niches such as comedy, travel, arts, food, and even education. In my case, most of the content in my “For Your Page” (FYP), are about food – recipes, restaurant reviews, mukbang, among other foodie-related content! It makes sense because I am also a foodie myself!

I like seeing recipes on TikTok because they are very straightforward, and without unnecessary fancy edits. The fact that TikTok videos are short-form also helps because I can get all the information that I need, in a minute or less!

Filipino Food TikTokers (TikTok Influencers) You Should Follow Today

As someone who diligently watches (and uploads) food content in TikTok every day, I have identified who I think are the best foodie creators on the platform. In no particular order, here are 22 Filipino Food TikTokers (TikTok Influencers) you should follow today.

PS. Before I start my list, I’d like to invite you to also check out my food videos. You can find me as @pinoyfoodie on TikTok – where I post recipes, rate my takeouts, and share my food recommendations to my followers. Check out my content and follow me if you like what you see! 😉

Filipino Food TikToker: Geoffreview @PinoyFoodie

filipino food tiktokers geoffreview pinoyfoodie

Click on the items in the list of Filipino Food TikTokers below to jump to their descriptions

  1. Bok Cabanting
  2. Shine Dee
  3. Ninong Ry
  4. Chef Hazel
  5. Connch Cruz
  6. Franziee
  7. Mr. Batts
  8. Kuya Bam
  9. ForkSpoonManila
  10. Eatsplorations
  11. Mama Yum
  12. Boss Edlyn
  13. Kath and Gene
  14. Amiable Cruz
  15. Tiffany Go
  16. Christine Cruz
  17. Johnmark Santos
  18. Luto ni Aling Julie
  19. Iro Bakery
  20. Just do it Fellas
  21. Chibog Tayo PH
  22. Healthy Foodie PH
  23. Bonus: PinoyFoodie

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1. Bok Cabanting @mr.cabanting

Bok creates recipes and posts food reviews regularly – all while juggling his schedule as a law student! He also does a series where he taste-tests different kinds of takeout food and shares his recommendations with his followers. Personally, I think he’s one of the top Filipino food influencers on TikTok right now!

2. Shine Dee @shineeedee

I instantly fell in love with the aesthetic of Shine Dee’s videos the first time I saw them. She can make simple recipes look so chic and fancy that you’d really watch until the end! I like how lovely her dishes are too, sometimes they’re too pretty to eat!

filipino food tiktokers shine dee

3. Ninong Ry@ninongry

Ninong Ry has recreated his long-form Youtube videos into short-form videos on TikTok, and I’m here for it! He still has kept that incredibly entertaining straightforward humor that everyone loves!

filipino food tiktokers ninongry

4. Chef Hazel @hazelcheffy

Chef Hazel is a sous chef, but she’s known more as “Cooking Ina’ on TikTok. What I love the most about her is her energy in her videos! Aside from recipes, she also posts dancing, lipsyncing, and comedy videos too!

filipino food tiktokers hazel cheffy

5. Connch Cruz @connhcruzthemodernnanay

When I watch Connch Cruz’ videos, I always think “kitchen goals”! She’s one of the top Filpino food TikTokers right now in terms of following. Some of her most popular content is her restocking videos, which get millions of views!

6. Franzie @franziee_v 

Franzie can be your go-to TikTok food influencer when you’re looking for unique, yet easy to prepare recipes. Her videos normally include step-by-step instructions on how to prepare simple dishes, accompanied by trending music in the background.

7. Mr. Batts @mr.batts 

Mark, aka Mr. Batts, is ranked as one of the top TikTok food influencers in the Philippines in 2021. It makes sense because his recipes are interesting and he also shares his most recent foodie finds. He does voiceover videos that normally end with his catchphrase, “yum, sarap!”

filipino food tiktokers mr.batts

8. Kuya Bam @kuyabam2021 

Just like Mr. Batts, Kuya Bam is also ranked as one of the top Tiktok Food Creators in the Philippines in 2021. You can tell that Kuya Bam really knows his way around the kitchen, with the way he handles food and equipment when making his recipe videos.

9. ForkSpoonManila @forkspoonmanila 

Alexis Deocaris of ForkSpoonManila is one of the OG food influencers in the Philippines. I’ve been following ForkSpoonManila on Instagram and Facebook, even way before he became popular in TikTok. I like watching his videos because the recipes are truly mouth-watering!

filipino food tiktokers forskpoonmanila

10. Eatsplorations @eatsplorations

Mark Tan of Eatsplorations is one of the food influencers that I’ve been following for many years. I used to follow Eatsplorations on Instagram, and now he shares his love for food on TikTok too! Expect must-try recipes and unique food discoveries when you visit Eatsplorations!

11. Mama Yum @mamayamaura 

One of the most notable qualities of Mama Yum’s TikTok videos, is her lovely voice, when she describes her recipes. The audio of her videos is a treat just as much as the visuals! You’ll see a lot of Japanese recipes in her feed, but there’s no shortage of Filipino food too!

12. Boss Edlyn @edlyninbatangas

TikTok has ranked Boss Edlyn as one of the top food influencers in the Platform here in the Philippines. I like her videos, especially because she voices over with her lovely Batangueno accent. She can make simple recipes really entertaining to watch!

filipino food tiktokers edlyn in batangas

13. Kath and Gene @kathandgene

As you may have guessed, this TikTok account is managed by a couple – Kath and Gene. Interestingly though, Gene appears to be the “voice” of the account in many of their videos. Collectively, they already have over 4 million Likes on TikTok as of writing, which is probably why TikTok also ranked them as a top Food Tiktokers in the Philippines for 2021.

filipino food tiktokers kath and gene

14. Amiable @amiable.cruz 

Amiable is a company nurse and a rescue officer. What I like about the content of Amiable, is that her videos often give us a glimpse of the comfortable life in Cebu. Some of her recipe videos are shot at the beach, and sometimes she even gathers the ingredients herself from their backyard.

filipino food tiktokers amiable cruz

15. Tiffany Go @tiffanyjillian 

Tiffany posts quick videos of easy-to-make recipes, which are mostly beverages and desserts. There’s always a little bit of flair in her content, especially with the way she times her shots with the background music. She also has a #EatsOnScreen series where she creates recipes inspired by her favorite films!

filipino food tiktokers tiffanyjillian

16. Christine Cruz @hey_its_tin

Tin is a hotel cook who started her TikTok account in 2019. She makes use of her culinary expertise in creating recipe videos that are always on-trend. Aside from recipes, she also shares videos of her food trips, dance challenges, and OOTDs since she’s also a plus-size model.

17. Johnmark Santos @.johnmark_ 

As of writing, JM is still a college student majoring in Food and Service Management. He loves cooking in general, but he excels the most in baking, which is why most of his content shows him customizing large cakes and cupcakes. He also managed to turn this into an actual cake business already, which he calls Pastry Suavis.

filipino food tiktokers johnmark

18. Luto ni Aling Julie @lutonialingjulie 

Whenever I see Julie’s posts, I always think of how much I miss home-cooked meals! Her recipes will remind you of your mom’s cooking, with dishes like Ginataang Kalabasa, Sotanghon Guisado, and Pancit Canton. She’s also fond of making “kakanin” or sticky rice recipes like Sapin-Sapin, Mochi, and Buchi.

filipino food tiktokers luto ni aling julie

19. Iro Bakery @iro_bakery_and_cuisine

You can tell that Iro is a home chef and baker, from the expertise that she shows in her recipe videos. Not only are the videos well-shot and edited, but the appearance of the food that she makes also looks restaurant-quality!

filipino food tiktokers iro bakery and cuisine

10. Ella and Febbie @justdoitfellas 

Ella and Febbie is the couple behind the JustDoItFellas TikTok account. The recipes that they share are mostly the food that they also eat at home, when they started living together. What I love about their videos is that you can truly feel their personality through their voiceovers and appearances.

filipino food tiktokers justdoitfellas

21. Mark Que @chibogtayoph 

Mark has built a huge foodie following, not just on TikTok, but on Instagram as well! Whether it’s through his videos or his expertly shot photos, his food shots would make you crave! Makes me want to order takeout food every time!

filipino food tiktokers chibogtayoph

22. Healthy Foodie PH @healthyfoodieph

Healthy Foodie considers themselves a “flexitarian”. I’m not sure if I got it right, but from what I know, it means they eat wholesome and nutritious food, while occasionally enjoying animal products as well. They’re also big on Youtube, where they have over 120K subscribers as of writing!

filipino food tiktokers healthyfoodieph

Did I miss anyone? Do you have other Filipino Food TikTokers or foodie influencers that you would like to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!


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