Enderun Colleges’ dessert buffet is a legit reason to quit your diet

I think I just died and went to dessert heaven K
I’m already in love with buffets, but what more if the feast is made up of the best part of every meal? I took part in Enderun Colleges’ Dessert Buffet last week, which left me with no choice but to abandon my “New Year, New Me” mantra for 2016. I knew I’d regret it more if I let this pass.
Loved the soft, melt-in-your-mouth Chocolate Truffles. Somehow reminds me of Royce’ Nama Chocolates.
The smooth-tasting Salted Caramel candies
Pâte de Fruit
The Dessert Buffet was part of Chef Franck Geuffroy’s 3-part event called Pièce de Résistance at Alain Ducasse Institute at Enderun Colleges. Chef Geuffroy is the Pastry Director of Alain Ducasse Education in France, and has worked alongside Christophe Felder at the Crillon for a number of years, before joining Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée restaurant as pastry chef. He was also awarded Vice-Champion of France for plated desserts and First Place Winner for tasting in 1998. No wonder he is called a superstar patissier!
Chef Franck Geuffroy of Alain Ducasse Education in France 
Now on to the good stuff! My eyes widened as I scanned the table full of cakes, pastries, and candies all waiting to bring joy to my taste buds. I didn’t know where to start!
The Pâte à choux. This made me think a huuuge eclair, and is one of our favorites among everything that was served. The fresh oranges were a nice twist, and was easily complemented by the nuts (I can’t remember if it was hazelnut or macadamia).
Apple Nut Entremet. The apple was a bit sour for our taste, but once your tastebuds get to the nutty part, you’d crave for another bite.
The Enderun Cake. This is one decadent dessert!
Meringue Cashew. This has always been a classic combination that works pretty well. 
It took every ounce of effort from me to take pictures before gobbling up these tasty treats.  I was told that most of the desserts displayed were inspired by tropical fruits, which explains why most of these delights had hints of zesty in them.
Frasier. The pretties one in the lineup. This light cake has a distinct pistachio taste, although I wished that the strawberry jelly inside was less sour.
Nougat Glacé. The top is rich with passion fruit while the bottom part is sweet, light sorbet. Best when you eat them together.
Mango Tatin. Overall this is tarty in taste, probably because of the mango and passion fruit. I think would have appreciated this better if I had it with ice cream.
Summer Zest Entremet. This has got to be the epitome of the tropical fruits theme they had the day. This was all sorts of citrusy!
I’m telling you, these desserts taste as good as they are pretty! If you are curious about how they are prepared, you may want to take part in Alain Ducasse Institute’s redeveloped Certificate in Pastry Arts program at Enderun Colleges.  The new program now includes advanced pastry modules that may help you level-up your basic baking and confectionary skills by learning more advanced techniques. It’s about time you bake something new in that oven don’t you think?
Scatterbrain Entremet. Anything that’s chocolate mousse will get a two-thumbs up from me! 

The intensive program matches the curriculum taught in Alain Ducasse Education in France. With 75% hands-on and 25% theory classes, the teaching methodology focuses on rigorous hands-on practice in order to enhance students’ skills. The best part is that you also get to train with world-class chef instructors of Alain Ducasse Institute Philippines! Now that’s something I’d want to brag about in the dinner table!
The redeveloped Certificate in Pastry Arts starts this April 2016. If you’re interested, you may get in touch with Eveth Ella at 856 5000 local 505 or email enderunextension@enderuncolleges.com. Check out www.enderunextension.com to know more about this program.
With Enderun Colleges’ rockstars! Chef Marc Chalopin and Chef Franck Geuffroy.
Now please excuse me as I measure my blood sugar 😛

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