Create with Cream: A Creamy Chicken Adobo Recipé

Ask me what my favorite Pinoy food is and I’d have no second thoughts at saying that it’s Adobo. It can be in any form – adobong baboy, adobong manok, adobong sitaw, adobong pusit  – there’s just something about this uniquely Pinoy way of marinating and cooking that never fails to make me ask for extra rice.

Adobo is very much well-loved by Filipinos, that it’s no wonder why everyone seems to have their own version of it. I’ve already visited a lot of Filipino restaurants offering their own adobo specialties but to me nothing still beats my mom’s version (although I’m pretty sure many of you feel that your mom’s cooking is the best too!). Her adobo is garlicky and sweet, with the sauce caramelized enough for it to be thick and sticky. Every meal felt a little bit more special when we’re having adobo – and even without words, I know that it’s her way of saying “I Love You”.
True enough, there are other ways of expressing your love to someone other than words. Taking a page from my mom’s book, making my own special version of adobo sounds a great idea to show your love, which is why I eagerly attended Nestlé All Purpose Cream’s #CreateWithCream cooking demo with Chef Rob Pengson.

Would you imagine that adobo would actually taste great with cream? I’ve already heard a few friends who told me that adobo with cream tastes great, but I was always apprehensive about trying this variety. When I finally got a taste of it, I understood how the addition of one simple ingredient like Nestlé All Purpose Cream can elevate an ordinary dish into a new language of love. I just had to learn how to make it!

Chef Rob brought us through the whole process of preparing Creamy Chicken Adobo. I eagerly took notes of his style and techniques, and it also helped that he was detailed with the instructions without getting too technical. Allow me to share with you the recipe:

·      1 whole chicken, cut into pieces, approximately 1 kg
·      1/3 cup vinegar
·      ¼ cup MAGGI® Soy sauce
·      ¼ cup water
·      1 sachet 8g MAGGI MAGIC SARAP®
·      ¼ cup crushed garlic
·      2 bay leaves
·      6-8 peppercorns
·      ½ cup oil
·      1 pack NESTLÉ® ALL PURPOSE CREAM 250mL
1.     In a pot, boil chicken in vinegar, soy sauce, water, MAGGI MAGIC SARAP, garlic, bay leaves, and peppercorns.  Cook uncovered until boiling.  Lower the heat and simmer while covered until chicken is tender or simmer for 10 minutes.  Strain sauce and reserve.
2.     In a large pan, heat the oil.  Pan-fry the chicken until golden brown. Remove excess oil.
3.     Pour in the reserved sauce and simmer with the browned chicken until sauce is almost dry.
4.     Pour in NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream and remove from heat. Serve hot.
This recipe is easy enough for some of my fellow bloggers to prepare their own Creamy Chicken Adobo during the event itself! You can tell that everybody had their own style of cooking even with the same recipe. Their finished products tasted slightly different from each other, yet each one is equally creamy, flavorful, and delicious!

The event organizers were generous enough to give us samples to take home so we can try the recipe for ourselves. I can’t wait to make my own Creamy Chicken Adobo!

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