Ben & Jerry’s New Ice Cream Flavors is Worth the Extra Cheat Day!

As if their existing flavors don’t sound tempting enough, Ben & Jerry’s just introduced three new additions to their “Core” ice cream line!

The original Core series features columns of hazelnut fudge, raspberry, peanut butter fudge, or salty caramel right on the middle of each pint – depending on which flavor you get. These already sound sinful enough to ruin your diet yet Ben & Jerry’s takes it a notch further and gave us these new Core flavors:
Brownie Batter
Chocolate and vanilla ice cream with an unbaked brownie batter core
Coconuts for Caramel
Caramel and sweet cream coconut ice cream with fudge flakes with a caramel core
Cookies & Cream Cheesecake
Chocolate and cheesecake ice creams with chocolate cookies with a cheesecake core

I got my eyes on the Brownie Batter. Which one would you first dig into?

Source: Ben & Jerry’s

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