A Preview of Best Food Forward 2015!


It’s that time of the year again! I’m rolling my sleeves up and getting my tummy ready for another taste-test trip at Best Food Forward Year 5. Once again, I was invited to be a part of their preview, which was held at Fully Booked, BGC. From the looks of it, it would seem like this year’s concessionaires are going to be as exciting as those of the previous years!

Frozen Weekends

I can imagine that this would be pretty convenient if you wake up on a weekend and you want some good food pronto without the hassle of complicated cooking. Suddenly its name makes a lot of sense!

Sushi Nori

Sushi Nori prides itself in being the first Temakeria in Manila. If I’m not mistaken a Temakeria is a place where you enjoy a fusion of Japanese and Brazilian eating. Works for me.

Natalia’s Rustic Kitchen

I gobbled up the Homemade Meatload in no time – probably because it has double-smoked bacon in it. The Beef Tagine was also decent enough although the preserved lemons were too strong for my taste.

Three Hungry Tummies

One of the most sinful treats that day, yet also one of the most irresistible. I can finish a whole cup of those Tapa Chips all by myself!

Go Brewed Instant Drip Coffee

This is one simple yet innovative product. Each sachet contains a coffee filter that lets you brew your own coffee anytime and anywhere without the mess and the hassle.  Just pour hot water and you’re done!

Sabine’s Patisserie

The moment I took a bite of the Banana Cake my face brightened up with glee. One of the best banana cakes I’ve tried. The carrot cake is pretty good too!

Casa San Luis Pastries

The Chef behind some of the most delightful desserts of Crisp on 28thalso offers her creations through Casa San Luis Pastries. I wished I had more of that Marshmallow Calamansi Cake!

Brownie Bar

This is the most memorable concessionaire for me that day. These brownies are infused with Don Papa Tablea, Black Label, and Cerveza Negra. The marriage of bitter and sweet worked perfectly. I’ll have more of this please!

Gelato Lab

The Bailey’s Irish Cream ended up being my favorite among the flavors they offered that day.  But if you want your own unique gelato flavor, they can create it for you too!

Deep Dip’s Paella

I wasn’t able to grab a sample of this but this paella does look tempting don’t you think? Something to look forward to during the event!

This year’s Best Food Forward will be held on October 10-11, from 10am – 8pm at the Rockwell Tent, Makati City.  See you there!

Some wet wipes should also be handy 😉

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