5 Cooking Games for Kids (Online)


Cooking Games for Kids: Getting kids familiar with the kitchen has some notable benefits. First, they can exercise their creativity, like when decorating cakes and pastries. Second, it teaches them how to follow instructions, especially when they are guided by simple recipes. Finally, it allows them to have a better appreciation of food when they realize how much hard work goes into preparing even the simplest dishes.

But then, it’s understandable if you’re not immediately comfortable with letting your kids play in the kitchen. One good alternative is to have them play online cooking games instead, where they can simulate food preparation and learn while having fun at the same time. For that, here are some cooking games that your kids can play online:

5 Cooking Games for Kids Online

Ice Cream Bar

This game may appear simple during the first few stages since you only give the customers the ice cream they wanted in the right order. That is until the color combinations become more complicated and more customers start ordering different varieties! And don’t get me started on when they start ordering ice cream cones too! Challenging yet incredibly addicting, kids will learn basic color identification with this game.

Cooking Fever

This is a quintessential cooking game. You have several ingredients at your disposal which you have to put together to fulfill the orders of your customers. Sounds easy at first, but it actually can get challenging as customers start ordering various food from your menu!

Farm Town

This game is more about farming than cooking, but it’s noteworthy because, ultimately, it is still about food. What’s different about Farm Town is that you’re actually the one who will farm the ingredients instead of just buying them. I can see that this might help teach kids patience and time management.

Pizza Cafe

If Cooking Fever is too complicated, then Pizza Cafe may be the more suitable, simpler game for you. Just like Cooking Fever, you have ingredients that you can use, but instead of various food items, you’re basically just going to prepare pizza this time around. It gets extra fun when you already have to prepare different pizza flavors. There’s also budgeting involved because each ingredient has a cost!

Coffee Shop

If you’re in for a challenge, try Coffee Shop! This is similar to the other games mentioned above such that you also need to fulfill customers’ orders. However, this game is under higher pressure because your customers are always in a rush! Makes sense because they’re probably late for work. Aside from preparing orders, you’re in charge of budget and inventory too!

There are more of these cooking games for kids at MortgageCalculator.Org. Feel free to try the other games and tell me in the comments which ones are your favorites!


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