Black Forest Bouquet: Red Ribbon celebrates Mother’s Day!

Time flies so fast! We just gave my mom birthday presents last month and now in just a few days, we’ll be giving her a Mother’s Day surprise again! Oh well, it’s never too much when it’s your mom, yeah?
So far, the presents that we’ve been giving her are bouquets, bags, and pampering sessions. This coming Mother’s Day, we might give her something similar but we have to sweeten things up a little bit more don’t you think?
One of the things on top of mind that we could add to our Mama’s Day surprise is Red Ribbon’s  Mother’s Day Black Forest Cake. This one’s a bit more special than the usual  black forest cake that we know – having an edible floral bouquet made of deliciously rich chocolate roses on top of the cake.
If the Mother’s Day Black Forest Cake is too much, you can probably have the Mother’s Day Mamon. This version of Red Ribbon’s soft, light, fluffy, white chiffon mamon features colorful, Mother’s Day-themed toppings. Or what if you go with both cake and mammon? Like I said, it’s never too much when it’s about your mom.
The Mother’s Day Black Forest Cake and Mother’s Day Mamon will both be available in Red Ribbon stores nationwide from May 8 to 10. You can check out more of Red Ribbon’s many delights here

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