top 4 plces to visit in banff

Top 4 Places to Visit in Banff


Banff is easily one of the top of mind destinations when one plans a trip to Canada. It is the perfect getaway for those who want to seek nature, but at the same time, still enjoy the comforts of luxury. Banff takes pride in its world-famous lakes, majestic mountains, and outdoor adventures all year round such as skiing, hiking, and wildlife encounters.

Banff is such a dream destination, that you may even wish to live there for good! The small-town lifestyle appeals not only to visitors, but even to the locals as who, over the years, have fallen in love with its beautiful landscapes. If you’re considering moving to Banff, you may check out various Banff Homes for sale online.

However if you’re only visiting, choosing which spots to prioritize can be a bit overwhelming. To save you time, here is a list of the top 4 places to visit in Banff. 

Top 4 Places to Visit in Banff

The Town of Banff

Nestled in the Canadian mountains, the Town of Banff should be at the top of your itinerary. This is where you can immerse yourself with the local culture and enjoy various restaurants, boutiques, and community parks.

Be sure to check out their event calendar because the Town has different events all throughout the year, from art shows, farmers market, and recreational events for summer and winter.

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Cave and Basin National Historic Site

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can go on a trail at the Cave and Basin National Historic Site. Said to be “Canada’s birthplace of national parks”, here you can go on a guided journey and learn about the unique natural history of Banff’s wetlands. At night, you can also go on a Lantern Tour to experience the tunnels with heightened senses.

If you’re not interested in the guided tours, you can also go on a self-guided trail leading to the bathing structure, as well as an outdoor climate change exhibit.

Lake Louise

A trip to Banff is never complete without a visit to its world-famous lakes. The most popular one is Lake Louise, which takes pride in its enchanting emerald waters, surrounded by majestic, snow-capped mountains.

To fully enjoy what the lake has to offer, you can go on a guided tour to see its most breathtaking locations. But other than site-seeing, there are lots of activities that you can enjoy, such as paddling, hiking, or take part in the seasonal activities during winter and summer.

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Banff Upper Hot Springs

Many tourists visit Banff to relax, which is probably why the Banff Upper Hot Springs is one of the most popular destinations in the area. Take a dip and relax your muscles in geothermal pools of water that’s hundreds of years old.

Located near the top of Sulphur Mountain, Banff Upper Hot Springs has free flowing, natural mineral water. Guests can also enjoy other amenities like the souvenir shop, or chat with friends and family at the Banff Upper Hot Springs Café.

There’s much more to Banff than the items mentioned in this list – there are also Eco tours, safaris, winter sports, and countless sight-seeing tours. But if there are non-negotiables in your itinerary, these four destinations should be in it.

Have you been to Banff? Share with us your favorite destinations in Banff too!


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