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by Geoffrey Ledesma

A friend once told me that there are two things you shouldn’t have second thoughts about spending your money in: Food and Travel. I have a tendency to be stingy with everything because I feel a certain high every time I add more money to my savings (you can say that I’m the polar opposite of a shopaholic). However, after I got this nugget of wisdom from my friend, I loosened up myself a little bit when spending for food, and recently, for traveling as well. After all, I’m still in my early twenties and they say that traveling is what I should be doing by this time.
Since I’m a newbie in this wandering thing, I thought that I should make a list of the places I have to go to so I don’t get sidetracked. I went to to make my travel plans more convenient, not to mention affordable. Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 192 countries.  I checked out the site and made my very own fun and visual vacation wish list.
For now, I’ll be targeting three local, and another three international destinations. Here we go:

Local Destinations: Vigan, Bohol, and El Nido

Every time I go on a vacation out of town here in the Philippines, I usually go to the beach so I thought that this time, two of the items in my list must not involve swimming. I’ve heard a lot about the beautiful architecture of Vigan and of course, their famous longganisa, so that has to be the first in the order. Second is Bohol, because I’ve always been fascinated by the Chocolate Hills since I was a kid (sadly some of them have been destroyed L), and also so I could finally see a tarsier for real. El Nido would then complete my list of local destinations. I would have listed Boracay but since I have been there just last month, I thought that El Nido would be the next best thing.

International Destinations: Korea, Japan, Paris

These three are often parts of most bucket list. And most likely for the same reasons too! The only destinations I’ve been that are outside of the Philippines are Hong Kong and Macau (told you I don’t travel that much), and now I think that it’s about time that I add more prints on my passport! I’ve seen enough of National Geographic to convince me that Korea, Japan, and Paris has got to be priorities in my Travel Bucket List. The first things that I would probably do is listen to K-Pop in Korea, eat sushi in Japan, and have some coffee in Paris. Who knows, I might find some true love too (fingers crossed)!
This list would just stay as a list if I don’t do anything to scratch off the items in it, which is why I signed up at Airbnb to make my travel easier, and eliminate some of the excuses of not fulfilling them. You should also do the same! But the good news is, you can get FREE travel credits if you sign up using my referral link!
You automatically earn Php 1,083.00 when you sign-up through my referral link below. You can use this right away as a discount when booking at Airbnb!
What about you? What is your Travel Bucket Wish List?

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  2. Thanks for Sharing! I think I should start listing my travel list now and I guess El Nido is perfect. Thanks! 🙂

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