Your Usual Horror Movie: A “The Apparition” Review

         To keep up with the Halloween vibe, here is a review of a horror movie. Before I continue, let me share to you something I’ve learned with this experience:  watching a horror movie alone? Not a good idea.
          Much worse is watching it alone in the cinema. I was “forced” to watch The Apparition alone at SM Cinema because I’ll have a 50% discount if I watch the movie (and yes, it has to be that movie). The discount was going to expire soon so I had to watch it…unprepared, unwillingly, alone.
          I paid around Php 80.00 for the movie after my discount so that’s a good thing. When I got into the cinema there were very few of us watching. There are less than 10 people in there I think. Not good. It did not help with the fact that I’m watching the movie alone. What was I thinking?! Damn you discount pressure!
          The Apparition tells the story of a young couple who has just moved to their new home. Strange things started happening soon after. Pets and plants dying, things moving around, voices whispering…all that shizz. But this is not a haunted house story. At the start of the film you are told the story of a group of six people doing an experiment they called The Charles Experiment, where they try to call the spirit of their dead colleague back to our world. After this short background you see Draco Malfoy…I mean Tom Felton as Patrick, trying to recreate the experiment with a few friends and with the help of technology. This little experiment would then playe a big role in the disturbances in our new couple’s home.
          As I was watching the movie though, I then realized why there are only a few people watching it and why SM Cinema is offering discounts only for this particular movie: The movie sucks.
          Primarily because it’s predictable and typical. Nothing new here. It’s full of elements that you usually see in a typical horror movie. Here are some examples:

         1. Usual stupidity of horror movie characters. What do you do when strange things are going on inside the  house? You stay together right? But no, our main characters leave each other all the time whenever something scary happens. An evil spirit is bothering you? Go ask the person you’re with to leave the house then start exploring the place when all the lights suddenly go out. Oh yes, this does seem to be the logic of our main characters.
      2. Hot lady showering. What is a typical horror movie without a wet, naked woman?

      3. You think the spirit has already left, then surprise! It’s still there.

      4. A crawling bad lady spirit. Seriously haven’t we had too much “Sadakos” and “Grudges” already?

          I was actually taking a few notes as I watched the movie and the last words I wrote are “Lame” and “Typical”. But I don’t really feel bad that I didn’t like the movie. I only paid half the price anyways and at least I won’t get scared sleeping alone this Halloween…at least I hope so. You won’t like me when I’m scared. This is how I look like when I’m scared: