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Listed: Short Film Finalists of Viddsee Juree Awards Philippines 2019


The Viddsee Juree Awards Philippines 2019 is nearing its conclusion. Among the ten short films that qualified this year, two entries will be chosen as the Gold and Silver winners on September 29, 2019 at Pineapple Lab, Makati City.

The winners will be picked by an international panel of judges – Artistic Director for the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF), Anderson Le; Filipino film producer and director Baby Ruth Villarama; and Indonesian filmmaker Lucky Kuswandi.

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Aside from the Gold and Silver winners, finalists and out-of-competition films will also have the chance of winning the Audience Choice Award, which will be determined by the number of “Likes” that the entries received on the Viddsee platform.

If you still haven’t seen all the entries of Viddsee Juree Awards Philippines 2019, here’s a quick rundown:

Viddsee Juree Awards 2019 In Competition Films

Press Pause And Play

Directed by: Jessa Doydora

Alicia, a rich 19-year-old girl is an avid vlogger. Vlogging has been one of Alicia’s biggest hobbies ever since. For her Christmas Special Episode, she will be teaching her viewers how to chop, slice, cook and serve their family’s delicious and meat-filled traditional adobo.

Rita, Rita

Directed by: Claudette Chiong

A young girl named Marita, Rita for short, is left to the care of her grandmother with no absolute reason and she doesn’t seem to think about it yet. Meanwhile, as curious and brave as she is, she feels drawn to a locked room next to hers, along with recurring dreams and hallucinations. On the other hand, her grandmother is also experiencing unusual encounters. Rita has many attempts of opening this door- only to reveal a secret she already knows.

If Not (Kun’ Di Man)

Directed by: Phyllis Grae Grande

Two blind musicians strive to provide for themselves as they work as singers at public transit stations. However, the duo is forced to perform separately. Apart, they grow anxious for each other and realize that their partnership goes beyond musical, even with the absence of sight.


Directed by: Jose Miguel Pascua

A story about a boy who craves his father’s affection spirals into a self-destructive path. Niño was left to hold the fort. Without a mother to care for him, he became a soft and gentle boy who takes care of all the household chores. When he sees blood stains in his shorts, he tries to bury his shameful secret and swears to never tell a single soul. He only realized when he meets his friend, Cielo, that he was having a menstruation. A blessing in disguise Niño finally gets what he wants and needs through all the hardship and pain. He finally feels his Father’s love.


Directed by: Isabella Policarpio

We can always run away from our pasts, but we can never hide from who we truly are. Red is a contemporary dancer who is still trying to escape the real him. The trauma his father left him holds him back from facing the truth. But through dance, Red tries to heal from the past and accept who he truly is.


Directed by: Arvin Belarmino

Ed wakes up in an old, shabby basement only to find himself shackled in front of his daughter, Ara. As they both work hard to seek refuge from the situation they are in, their trust gets put to the test. Of good and evil, of lies and truth, of life and death, all lines get crossed.

Come On

Directed by: Al-jhun Virgo

A night of wrangle between a teenage couple who will buy a condom that turns out to be the dispute of their lifetime.

The Sound Of Silence

Directed by: Lynn Lim

In the contemporary suspense drama Huni Sa Kahilom, Gabriela Magsayo must escape and run away after an intruder hunt and forces her for sexual slavery.


Directed by: Shim Mellord Abrio

A family drama story that will show “Gaano nga ba kahirap ang tumanda mag-isa?”. This is a story about a seventy-five-year-old mother named Felisa who’s experiencing physical pain caused by aging but people around her doesn’t know that she suffers more emotionally than physically. Felisa just wanted to have her children around her because she knew she might not live long enough.

Saint Nena!

Directed by: Tim Rone Villanueva

Santa Nena, a patron saint statue in a parish church which springs to life every night, wishes to become human again. One night, God commands Santa Nena a very special mission. She has to be the child-bearer of the second Messiah on earth with Manuel, the chosen boy with miraculous glowing balls. In this mission, God forbids Santa Nena to fall in love with Manuel. But what happens when Santa Nena suddenly falls in love with him?

The Gold winner will win a film production grant worth PHP160,000, together with a five-day Global Film & TV Program in Los Angeles sponsored by the Motion Picture Association. The Silver winner will be awarded with a film production grant worth PHP 80,000.

In addition to the grant, the Gold winner will receive a 14-day loan for RED Digital Cinema camera equipment with a five-lens set of ZEISS CP.3 Lenses, while the Silver winner will receive a 14-day loan of RED Digital Cinema camera equipment and the ZEISS Light Weight Zoom LWZ.3 21-100mm lens. Gold and Silver winners will also receive a 14-day loan for a Sachtler tripod system and Litepanels LED products from Vitec.

Prior to the ceremony, Viddsee will be organising a three-day Juree Philippines Awards Programme from September 27 – 29 at the same venue, and will feature a number of activities including talks, and screenings that are open to the public.


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