This Would be the Most Disappointing Thing About the Deadpool Movie

Almost everybody I know who have seen the Deadpool movie enjoyed it (I say, “almost” because a friend just told me she didn’t have fun. Now she’s an ex-friend. Lol kidding). However, there’s this one thing that I was hoping to see in the film that never happened – Deadpool recognising Stan Lee in his cameo.
Some netizens have been pointing out prior to the movie’s release that it would be a delight if Stan Lee makes his usual Marvel cameo, then fourth-wall-breaking Deadpool points out and recognizes the guy. That would’ve been the ultimate fourth wall to be smashed to pieces.
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Sadly, this never happened as in spite of being in the same place when the cameo happened, Wade Wilson never even set eyes on Stan Lee. Looks like it was our hopes that were broken instead of a fourth wall.

The good news is that a Deadpool sequel has been confirmed, so I guess we still got a shot at that most-awaited meet-up.

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