The Deadpool Movie is More Awesome Than What You’re Expecting it to be

After several pathetic attempts at the whole superhero business, Ryan Reynolds has finally redeemed himself with this more (thankfully) accurate depiction of Deadpool. All the hype leading to its cinematic release coming from ingenious marketing stunts and Reynolds slowly becoming Wade Wilson himself, has all been justified as the Deadpool movie is no doubt more awesome than what you’re expecting it to be.

For the uninitiated, Deadpool aka the “Merc with a Mouth” is Marvel’s pansexual antihero who has accelerated healing abilities and superior combat skills.  The character is known to break the “fourth wall”, which means he is aware that he is a comic/movie character, and often breaks the illusion by speaking directly to the audience or making comments about the comic/movie itself.

Ryan Reynolds first appeared as a lame excuse of a Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Thankfully, the most recent film redeemed the character and presented him closer to how he really is in the comics. The Deadpool movie is an origins film, showing us how Wade Wilson, a mercenary who also happened to have a demented sense of humor, reluctantly went through an experiment in his desperation to cure his cancer. The “treatment” gave him accelerated healing powers, but disfigured him severely and may have also made him a little bit more insane. Now he’s out to exact revenge against the bad guys behind his predicament.

I know, I know. The premise isn’t something we haven’t heard of before and its revenge storyline isn’t really groundbreaking, but this is where you’ll get to appreciate the character and Reynold’s performance. In spite of the predictable plot and underdeveloped supporting characters, the film is still ten times more enjoyable than I thought it would be plainly because of the well-written script and Ryan Reynold’s portrayal of the titular character. Deadpool was a rollercoaster of fun, action, and wit that was enough to make me forget Reynold’s blasphemous superhero roles in the past.

There were a lot of fan-focused jokes that may go over the head of regular moviegoers, but thanks to the well-written script, the film is still going to be loads of fun for everyone nonetheless. There’s a lot of outlandish violence, no holds-barred language, pop culture references, and dick-jokes which would normally be marked as “adult content” but really is the type of humor we had when we were 12 year-olds. Not to mention the intense action filled with slicing, dicing, and gun fights. Right at the opening credits you would already know that this is going to be a gleeful mix of silly and hilarious, and you can tell that this isn’t going to be the usual superhero movie.

Oh, and please be patient enough to sit through the end credits, as there’s gonna be post-credits scene that’s like no other.

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