Breaking Expectations: A “Breaking Dawn” Review


I have to admit. Suprisingly, I actually liked the second part of Breaking Dawn.
I wasn’t expecting myself to enjoy seeing Breaking Dawn Part 2 because some of my friends who have seen it didn’t like it and the first part according to them was just as boring. Plus, the only movie of the Twilight series that I have seen before this is the first one  and I found it sloppy. I’ve also read the first book and it was okay but I couldn’t stand the cheesiness of it all so I didn’t attempt to read the rest.
Okay, enough of trying to defend myself.
Once again, I’ve seen this movie for free (Yay for free movies!) because a good friend of mine  got two free tickets from Globe for tweeting that they are the best network.  A gazillion pogi points to Globe for rewarding its loyal customers. Let this be a lesson to the rest of us. Always say or do nice things to others – even the smallest good deeds can be very rewarding…anyways my friend was nice enough to take me along with her to use up the tickets (it’s not like I was the first choice but hey, I’m not complaining) and the movie was worth it!
                I particularly enjoyed the movie because of the battle scene. Without it, the movie would have sucked big time. We actually felt nervous when the Cullens were confronting the Volturi, not knowing what the ourtcome will be because yes, we haven’t read the books. It was fun watching the different abilites of the vampires belonging to Carlisle’s group being utilized in the battle. I always love scenes where a variety of characters come together and work against a common enemy. My friend and I were hooked up to the screen during the battle. It was quick,  simple, it was a spectacle.
                I now understand why my friend found the first part of Breaking dawn boring. It’s because the good stuff are here in the second part. It was good that the boring conversations were cut shorter and the movie was heading hastily to the climax. And the unexpected twist at the end of the battle  was genius. It wasn’t hard to guess but I wasn’t expecting it either. A very good example of unpredictability.
                Once again though the CGI was lousy. The part where Bella was running over the mountains didn’t look smooth and the baby looked awkward instead of cute. The ugly special effects was one of the things that turned me off in the first Twilight movie and apparently not so much was done a few movies later. And yeah there also wasn’t much improvement on Kirsten Stewart’s poker face.
                I don’t want to sound nerdy but as a treat to the “Twihards” out there…or whatever you call them, I did a little bit of research and here is the list of vampires with their special abilities / powers who were intially invited by Carlisle to be witnesses to Reneesme’s being not an immortal child:
Tanya (Denali Coven) – Special abilities unknown
Kate (Denali Coven) – Can emit powerful electric charges from her body
Irina (Denali Coven) – Special abilities unknown
Carmen (Denali Coven) – Special abilities unknown
Eleazar (Denali Coven) – Can sense a vampire’s abilities
Amun  (Egyptian Coven) – Special abilities unknown
Kebi  (Egyptian Coven) – Special abilities unknown
Benjamin  (Egyptian Coven) – Can manipulate certain elements at will
Tia  (Egyptian Coven) – Special abilities unknown
Senna (Amazon Coven) – Special abilities unknown
Zafrina (Amazon Coven) – Has power over the mind. Can make you see or not see things
Siobhan (Irish Coven) – Special abilities unknown
Liam (Irish Coven) – Special abilities unknown
Maggie (Irish Coven) – Can detect if a person is lying or not
Stefan  (Romanian Coven) – Special abilities unknown
Vladimir  (Romanian Coven) – Special abilities unknown
Peter  (Nomad) – Special abilities unknown
Charlotte  (Nomad) – Special abilities unknown
Garrett  (Nomad) – Special abilities unknown
Randall  (Nomad) – Special abilities unknown
Mary  (Nomad) – Special abilities unknown
Huilen  (Nomad) – Special abilities unknown
Nahuel  (Nomad) – Hard skin and sharp teeth and nails. He also has venomous saliva
Whew! That was some list! I’ve thought about including the members of the Volturi but nah, the’yre the bad guys anyways. Plus that would make the list longer.
And just to tease the die-hard twilight fans (who are probably the only ones reading this post), if we stage a battle like the one in this movie, who would win, Team Edward or Team Jacob? *evil laugh*
Image credits to the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Facebook Page


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