#wejustcantgeteNUFF: Nuffie Challenge 2015

The Nuffie Challenge has already become some sort of annual ritual to the Nuffies, and gives us a chance to loosen up a bit from the pressure of work through (friendly?) competition. “Having fun while getting the work done” has been one of our favorite taglines –  which is true considering that we we’re actually working while competing in the challenges at the same time.
If all else fails, I can be a magbubuko.

This year’s challenges were scattered across several months, and ranged from the physical (never wear shorts on a paintball challenge) to the mental (I’d love to have another game of riddles!).  The culmination was held earlier this week at Camp Benjamin at Cavite and man we had such a great time! Allow me to take you through all the fun in pictures:
lalaloved our welcome drinks!

We had to start with the formalities

The first task was for each team to paint their own flags.

It’s easy to guess which one won 😉
Now the real team-building starts! This part was supposed to promote team work…
…but I’m not so sure if we’re doing it right
So much fun nonetheless

Getting DOWN and DIRTY..literally

With three acrophobics in our team (myself included), no wonder we sucked in the zipline station.

Sadly, the team I was in for the team-building activities lost the game. BUT, the overall winner for #NuffieChallenge2015 hasn’t officially been announced yet so I’m pretty hopeful about our standing 😉
The fun didn’t end at Camp Benjamin. After the team-building we drove to Tagaytay and checked-in at a quaint but pretty mini-hotel (I’m not sure what to call it but it’s pretty, really) to have our strat-planning. It’s like one huge slumber party (with some serious planning involved, of course)! There were drinks, great food, and we even had a home-service massage! I was having lots of fun and great conversations that it felt like it was a weekend.
Unforgettable moments like this one is part of the reasons why I’ve stayed as a Nuffie for almost three years already. Even simple activities would feel much more fun when you’re with the right people. The people I work with and the culture of my workplace should help me brace myself on my Year 3 as a Nuffie 🙂

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