Touring Teletech: A Quick Visit at Teletech’s Araneta Cubao Site

It’s been a bit hectic in the office lately. With the holidays fast approaching, brands and advertisers are all giddy to start up their own Christmas campaigns and holiday promos. Man, if my time-management skills were off just for a moment, I’d probably be freaking out already!
However, what keeps me sane in spite of the freakishly tight schedule and incessant demands of clients, is that I have a healthy working environment and pretty cool people to work with. “We have fun while getting the work done!” – I’d often hear that whenever we’re asked about how we do our jobs.
I remember when I was a fresh graduate and enthusiastically looking for my first job. Apparently, it’s a bit tougher than I thought it would be! I spent a few weeks hoping from one job interview to another and sadly, it’s either the employer isn’t hiring fresh graduates, or I’m not very happy with their offer. Eventually, I hum bled myself and lowered my standards a little bit knowing that I don’t really have that much work experience yet however, I still made sure that wherever it is that I end up working, it has to be (1) offering a decent pay, and (2) has a healthy working environment.
The working environment is as important to me as the job that I’m gonna be doing and the salary that I’m getting when considering a job. If I’m not mistaken, a lot of companies now are trying to make their offices more employee-friendly, like having free food, recreational areas, even going as far as making sure that the office layout and design would be comfortable for the personnel. Teletech for example, (I was able to visit their 17th site in Araneta, Cubao),  gives importance to the welfare of their employees as much as the quality of service they provide their customers. I was a part of the tour that they had for their new site at Araneta, Cubao and I must say I’m pretty impressed with their efforts for the site. Let me take you through the tour with the pictures below:
The Araneta Site of Teletech is conveniently located at the 15th floor or Gateway Tower in Cubao, just beside Gateway Mall. I heard they’re going to have the 16thfloor pretty soon too!

The lobby

We waited comfortable in their chic and stylish lounge, which was also where we were given a brief introduction and welcoming by the people behind Teletech Araneta.
This place also serves as a cafeteria. It’s easy to tell that it was designed in such a way that natural light comes in – brightens the mood if you ask me.

Teletech takes pride in their “Grab, Scan, Go” store. You pick up the item you want to buy, scan it to know the price, then pay for it through the machine. There’s no shopkeeper so it’s basically an honesty shop of sorts. Brilliant!

Even the operations area is well lit. The employees’ shifts extend until daytime, so efforts were made to make them comfortable at night and day.

Yep, they’ve got a Lactation room

Sleeping quarters, of course. They have quarters for men and for women.

The have all necessities like this medical clinic.

This is their state-of-the art conference room for those video calls with the bosses. Hmmm…so that’s how they do meetings now.

You won’t expect less from one of the fastest growing BPOs in the country (over 25,000 PHL employees, and still growing!). Teletech’s mantra is that they don’t just answer or make calls – they also make companies grow. They do this by making sure that people feel good about the brands they’re handling and by keeping a high standard for customer satisfaction – making interactions with the consumers more simplified and personal.
Looks like I just got myself a new standard for an ideal company!

For those interested to apply, kindly visit or email Interested applicants may also apply at 15/F Gateway Tower, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.

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