Top 5 Reasons why Roni is the Fiercest Gal I Know


I don’t often do articles like this on my blog but I’m going to make an exception this time because this is for someone special. Also, I need to come up with something for this lady on her birthday otherwise she’d be nagging me for weeks for not doing so.
Everyone, lemme introduce you to my best friend – Roni (she prefers to be called “Mhika” but imma stick with Roni because it rhymes with macaroni and you know how I love food). We met on our first year in college and we’ve been inseparable ever since, that we’re even neighbors in our condo right now. It’s her birthday today however, she’s away for work so this write-up will have to do as a birthday gift for now.
So what makes this lady so special that she got one whole blog post dedicated to her?

5. She’s so hilarious, she can be funny without saying anything

I have proof! Please see the picture below for your reference.
I’m sure everybody who knows her would agree with me that her humor is one of her best assets. She’s the kind of buddy who can be funny without even trying, and she has this certain charm that suddenly makes the atmosphere more fun and jolly.  Here’s another picture:
Need I say more?

4. She’s the ultimate fag-hag

Nobody says “let’s go out and party in a gay club!” like Roni does. Sometimes she even has more fun in Obar than I do – easily getting us a table by making new friends, and getting transfixed at the dancers, wondering how it would feel to touch those abs.
Sometimes she’s more gay than I am

3. She’s a fighter …

Roni is one of those “don’t mess with me” types of ladies who can turn green and yell “Roni Smash!” if the situation calls for it. I remember back in college when a snatcher got her phone (or was that a wallet?) and she yelled at the guy in a way that was so hardcore, the thief had to give it back to her. With this, I say good luck to her future husband.
You wouldn’t want to mess with anyone with eyebrows like that.

2.  …yet, she’s also a lover

We always run to each other when there’s a new guy we’re dating and judge each other’s tastes in men after we see the pictures. Roni may be hard-to-get, but she’s also very passionate when she’s seeing someone. Of course, we also have stories of getting heartbroken, but it was so hard for me to concentrate on what she’s saying because she still makes me laugh when she’s
See what I’m talking about? Very poor choice in men.

1. Roni is one of a kind

I’ve made a lot of new friends and met so many people after college, but nobody still comes close to Roni’s personality. My college and yuppie life would have been so much duller without her, and I’m sure our closest friends are also thankful for having her around.

With this, I finally say HAPPY BIRTHDAY RONI! Go out, eat a lot, party hard, and have a blast! I know your birthday is going to be less awesome this year without me around (chyeah), but I know you can manage. Just remember that your awesomeness is also because you have a kickass best friend who will wake up early on a weekend (you know that’s a big deal, right?) to greet you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY in 574 words 😉

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