#SmilePilipinas: Fight Plaque with Oral B

I just came back from a quick vacation at Boracay and boy was it so much fun! It was only my second time to visit the famed beach so I was hyped weeks before my flight. Part of my preparation was to go on a diet so I would be more or less “presentable” when enjoying the beach.
It seems that I deprived myself too much in my pre-vacay diet because I started binge eating during my vacation. My friends and I didn’t hold back in what we were eating, and each meal was stuffed with grilled meat, dishes swimming in sauce and oil, and lots of pork sinigang – not to mention that I always had dessert and a can of soda on the side.

My love for dessert and anything that’s sweet goes waaaay back when I was a kid, and pictures of myself as a toddler smiling with teeth full of cavities are enough proof of that. Admittedly, my teeth aren’t pearly white either, most probably because of all the soda and iced coffee I’ve taken when I became a yuppie. Don’t worry though, I know that I also need to keep a watchful eye on my oral health because hey, that’s where all the good stuff come in!

I’m no dental expert but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that plaque is one of the root causes of oral health concerns. It’s what creates the thick, yellowish layer around our teeth and that fuzzy feeling on our teeth’s surface. But worry not, plaque can be taken care of if you use the right toothpaste and toothbrush.
I’ve started using Oral B Pro-Health Cross Action toothbrush because it claims to remove 99% plaque by providing superior cleaning with its unique 16-degree angle brush. True enough, after several uses it leaves a different kind of clean feeling in your mouth. I even sometimes look forward to brushing! I can’t say though that my teeth are as already as white as I wanted them to be, but I can tell that there has been an improvement to its color. I guess plaque really is the bad guy behind all this.

Being a food blogger doesn’t necessarily mean that I just go around and have a bite on anything that’s served on a plate. I still moderate what I eat and with this, I also take care of my oral health. How can I enjoy food when my teeth and mouth aren’t healthy enough to handle all that chomping?
Looking back, I realize that maybe I’d have healthier teeth if I started being conscious of my oral health early. The good news is that Oral B has an advocacy called #SmilePilipinas, which aims to bring oral health within reach to all Filipinos. You know what they say – a smile is a curve that sets everything straight. A nice, simple smile can get you a long way, you know.
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