PLDT Home DSL Ask Diego: Diego S. Ledesma is now a Rising Celebrity!

There’s a new rising celebrity in town…and we’ve got the same last name!
Lately, a lot of posts by the Facebook fan page of Diego S. Ledesma (“DSL”, get it?) have been appearing on my timeline. In case you don’t know him yet, Diego is this oh so adorable and hug-to-death-worthy, cute kid who’s been answering random questions thrown at him by his fans – with questions ranging from the cute (“How do I get a girlfriend?”), to the complicated (“How do I lose 50 pounds?”).  Don’t worry though since his family always got his back to make sure he doesn’t get overwhelmed. And I have to say, this is one family that’s got the best genes when it comes to looks.

Diego has become so popular that the Ask Diego Facebook fan page already has over 250K Likes as of writing, and getting tons of questions from eager fans every day. Even Ricky Lo himself has noticed that this kid is quickly rising to stardom, and featured an online article about him. You can check out the article here.

The Ledesmas now have their share of superstardom as they are constantly asked to pose for photos and sign autographs wherever they go.”
Yeah, I’d like to think that I’m one of those Ledesmas..haha
Kidding aside, Ask Diego has certainly been one of PLDT Home DSL’s most notable campaigns. You remember Anna Banana? Just when you thought that she’s going to be the most memorable PLDT Home kid, here comes along Diego. Check out the latest PLDT Home DSL Ask Diego commercial below:
If you also wanna ask Diego a question, Like the Ask Diego Facebook page here, and feel free to thrown in a question or two. Just bear in mind that you’re (presumably) asking a 7-year old kid, okay? So be wholesome and nice. And by the way, asking for money doesn’t count.

Maybe I should be asking Diego how to get a love life. Heck this kid can probably give a better advice than some of my friends when it comes to the subject. 

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