One Heart, One Direction with I AM FILIPINA

It was my mom who raised me and my younger sister ever since my dad died.  She had seven children (I was the sixth) and I’ve always been amazed at how she managed to bring us all up in spite of being a single parent. I can imagine how tough that job was. But then, my mom is also a tough one and she never backed out of the challenge of raising seven kids on her own.
My mom is a good example of a strong, independent, yet loving Filipina. My sisters have also been very successful in their respective fields, with one of them currently pursuing a career in education.  Most of my college friends, who are also mostly Filipinas, are already making names for themselves even after we took different paths after graduation. Truly, the modern Filipina is one that is empowered, connected, and is one of the primary movers of development in society.
It is a good thing that there are organizations that recognize the contributions and needs of Filipinas in our society. One such organization is I AM FILIPINA – a non-stock, non-profit organization that caters to the needs, not just of Filipinas, but of the children and underprivileged as well.

I AM FILIPINA collaborates with select government agencies, private companies, NGOs and inspired volunteers here and abroad to help create a strategic alliance that addresses the needs of vulnerable women and children. The organization believes that the Filipina is one of the primary motivators of development in our society, and by providing support to women and children, we are raising a generation of responsible individuals who would then set the path to our country’s progress.
To kick-off I AM FILIPINA’s programs, it partnered with Polytechnic University of the Philippines on holding a FREE “Inside Out” workshop on self-awareness for 800 PUP Psychology Students on December 8, 2015. The activity aims to prepare a strategic mentoring to the students on how they can express their true emotions and feelings, through the use of paints, arts, crafts and good music.
Together, we can hold the ropes for them to live peacefully in a very challenging world. Your donation will strengthen the character and empower the future psychologists of our nation as they rediscover true freedom within themselves.

If you’d like to learn more, you may get in touch with I AM FILIPINA at 975-4950 / 0922-5002807 or send and email to [email protected]

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