Nuffnang Philippine’s Talent Pool Party!


Last weekend was a blast! Nuffnang Philippines, the largest digital media seller for blogs and social media in the country, held an awesome pool party for its Talent Bloggers at the Manila Polo Club. The most notable and distinguished bloggers and social media influencers in the Philippines attended the event and had fun with all the food, games, and surprises the Nuffnang team prepared specially for them.
Abe Olandres, founder Yugatech and Country Manager of Nuffnang PH, welcoming everyone to the party.

There were a lot of new faces so an introduction was necessary. The catch: introduce yourself in FILIPINO ONLY
The sun was high up and it was scorching hot but it didn’t keep everyone from enjoying the day. Many of the bloggers took advantage of the heat and came in their sexy summer outfit. More reason to take a dip in the pool or get up on that board and go for a dive!
We went around and tried to get to know everyone. It was great talking to them, even more knowing that these people are some of the prime movers of blogging and social media here in the Philippines.
From L – R:  Jinoe Gavan (, Jam Ancheta (Jam Online), 
Jeff Lo (, Calvin Lo (, Abe Olandres (, 
Laureen Uy (, Tippy Go (, 
Martha Sta. Barbara (thebeautyjunkee), Megan Young (, 
Tin Iglesias (, Earth Rullan (, 
Jackie Go (, Fleur Rubio-Sombrero (, 
Michelle Lim (, Nina Fuentes (, 
and Richie Zamora (
Other notable bloggers and influencers who arrived later that day were 
TJ Panganiban (, Angela Nepomuceno (, 
Mikael Daez (, Dale Kins, and Nyko Rodriguez.

With Yugatech himself!

Jam of Jam Online (

Right into my weakness

Games! Yay! The first group to complete the tasks in all stations wins!

Station 1: Solve a Math Problem. Jinoe Gavan solved this in a jiffy! 

Station 2: Finish the food and drinks. Not as easy as it looks, those straws got holes in them!  Nyco Rodriguez  aced this though.

Station 3: Hoola-Hoop. Looks like Calvin Lo discovered that he’s got another talent!

Guess who

Yep, that’s David Guison all right. Tell me why you’re still fashionable even with all that flour on your face?

Station 4: Blow away the flour to find the coin. Jeff Lo, always competitive.
What’s a pool party without some booze?
It definitely was a fun-filled day, and I can tell that everyone had a great time. It felt epic getting to know the people behind the top blogs that we follow, and all of them are as colourful and interesting as their blogs! I left at around 9:30 PM but believe me, I was one of the earliest who left that day. I can only imagine how much more fun they had after I left! Oh bummer.
Hopefully I get to meet the rest of the Talents and Alpha Influencers in the next event!


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