Manuel Bartual Twitter Thread Mystery


Manuel Bartual Twitter Thread Mystery: Spanish Twitter has been crazy the past days over this Manuel Bartual Twitter thread. It’s about Manuel Bartual’s unsettling experience while on vacation, that’s disturbing enough to deserve its own creepy pasta post.

The story starts with a simple tweet in Spanish by Bartual saying that he’s “been on vacation for a couple of days, in a hotel near the beach”, accompanied by picture of the view. The next sentence though says “It was all good until strange things began to happen”.

The whole Manuel Bartual Twitter Thread is in Spanish, but a quick Google translate to English tells us how the weird events started. First, an tall man burst into his room, seemingly disturbed and appears to be looking for something. After reporting the incident to the hotel staff, he meets the man again who now behaves like he’s a totally different person.

It gets creepier after that. At some point, he starts seeing a man who looks very identical to him, wearing a shirt, which he has previously lost. Things continue to escalate when he realizes that the man who looks like him seem to be stalking him, observing him from a distance.

He also received a strange message inside his hotel room. The English translation reads as:

“You’re in danger. There’s no hope for me anymore but you still can save yourself. Go to the other room and stay in it. It’s not a joke”.

If that doesn’t creep you out I don’t know what will.

For those who can’t understand Spanish, there’s a an English translation of the Manuel Vartual Twitter thread here.


Earlier today, August 28, Manuel Bartual tweeted (in Spanish) that he just wanted to tell a funny story and it’s all been a lie”. He also tweeted that it was his girlfriend taking the pictures and video in the thread, and that they weren’t even staying in that hotel.

I don’t know about you but true story or not, that Manuel Bartual Twitter Thread is going to keep me up tonight.


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