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The Lyra Swimwear Story: How Ikram Zein Built a Brand that Celebrates Every Woman

It all started with one woman’s dilemma about how to reconcile the fact that she dresses modestly, and also enjoys outdoor activities at the same time. Entrepreneur Ikram Zein loved swimming to stay fit, and yet she struggled to find the appropriate swimwear that complements her lifestyle.

For this reason, Ikram put matters in her own hands and started designing her own swimwear brand. One that meets that sweet spot between her eye for fashion, active lifestyle, and beliefs. Thus, Lyra Swimwear was born!

Lyra Swimwear: A Brand that Celebrates Every Woman

Lyra offers various swimwear that celebrates women of all shapes and sizes. They have swimsuits, burkini, sarongs, kaftans, among others. Needless to say, the designs are stylish too – with minimalist inspirations exuding that classic Hollywood charm. See the designs for yourself through the gallery below:

The Lyra collection is not only stylish, but functional too! The swimsuits are made from lightweight, fast dry, premium quality Italian Carvico fabric with High UV protection. 

Lyra aspires to reflect the beliefs, values, and philosophies of women from all walks of life. The brand also takes pride in the fact that they are not only fashionable and purposeful but also ethical. Through the whole journey that a Lyra swimsuit goes through – from designing, choosing the fabric, all the way to production – respect and integrity are valued.

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