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3 Types of Live Entertainers for Your Private Party


As time goes on, some things in life change. Once you leave high school, you may take on the next step of attending college.

After college, maybe you decide to dive into your career. Then after you have your dream job, maybe you decide you want to purchase your first home. Of course, the “next steps” vary depending on your personal preferences. Respectively, some things in life never change.

What never changes is celebrating those you love, celebrating those rewarding moments in your life, or simply just celebrating because you can! If you have been asking yourself how you can one-up your last amazing bash, then you have come to the right place. Have you ever thought about hiring live entertainment?

Whatever your answer may be, here are some great examples of who you can have at your next event to put the cherry on top of your party sundae.


You can love him or hate him, he has that effect on people, but how cool would it be if Tom Cruise showed up at your party? Even if you hate him, you cannot deny the absolute icon he is in pop culture. Picture a top-notch Tom Cruise impersonator walking around in a button-up and socks. How can you NOT feel like you are on set with him? You could set up a photo booth with your guest star, add some fun props and create a scene straight out of Risky Business.

Maybe you’re more of a Bond fan and decide that you want to have the absolute greatest secret agent of all time at your company’s Christmas Party. You could even surprise your guests by having your featured guest blend into your crowd to play “spy.” Imagine your party-goers being shocked and confounded to find 007 himself carrying hors d’oeuvres. Great impersonators can add that touch of creativity to your next soiree.

private party live entertainers
Photo by Tanya Dusett on Unsplash


In those times of growing and changing, some of us move on from careers and houses to having kids. That’s not to say that adults can’t enjoy magic, but I’m sure you can agree that magic has a certain effect on you when you are a kid. Can you think back to the first card trick you witnessed? Or can you remember when your Uncle pulled that quarter from behind your ear? I bet these are some of your favorite memories from childhood. 

Bring the magic to life at your child’s next birthday with a professional illusionist. The young and old can enjoy the mysteries and wonder of witnessing the unexplained. Many qualified illusionists have traveled the world performing for crowds of all types. You can have these magical special guests at your event, too.

private party entertainers
Photo by Fengyou Wan on Unsplash


Personally, if I am being invited to a party, I’m going to want to put my dancing shoes on. Dancing is one of the best ways to cut loose and express the great time you are having on your special occasion. There’s something about live performances in particular that generates that dopamine and gets your body jiving!

You can be a country fan, you can be a jazz-obsessed audiophile. No matter your taste, you have access to live performers to take you from party to festival, if you please. Bring back the king of pop and have a Michael Jackson tribute moonwalking with your friends.

Perhaps you hire a professional ballroom singer to belt out soulful tunes at your cocktail party. Get your guests out on the dance floor and give them the party they never expected.

live entertainers
Photo by Atikh Bana on Unsplash

Planning special occasions can be overwhelming. There’s the pressure of making sure that everyone involved is having a great time, their bellies are full, and memories are being made. Take some of that stress away with booking your live entertainment first. From small to large events, book a creator with a passion to elevate your festivities.

Live entertainers may be the one thing you’ve been missing at your events.


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