Innovation and Function: The Senz Umbrella


I have recently made a wonderful discovery at Bonifacio High Street Central.  At the second floor of the C2 Building (the one where you can find Nolita), is the showroom of Brandedge, your friendly neighbourhood distributor of unique, modern products with innovative twists.
Brandedge’s showroom felt like a mini museum of merchandise that uses fresh, state-of-the-art technology. They offer distinctive, “life-hacking” products that are designed to make our daily tasks a whole lot stress-free. Ever heard of “Self-warming baby bottles”? How about bags that are so stylish and inventive that they have been displayed on a German museum? Check out some of these babies that they’ve got to offer:
Liamo Self Warming baby bottle

This soap dish costs thrice my monthly mobile data plan 😐

Vipp Laundry Basket
Ecloth – perfect for cleaning with just water
Uslu Airline nailpolish
OneLess Drop cord anchors
Out of all these amazing products though, one caught my attention longer than the rest: the Senz umbrella.
The Senz umbrella got my interest the most because it really addresses my problems with the available umbrellas in our market. Have you ever experienced using your umbrella in the rain while wearing a huge backpack? You’re protected from the rainfall yes, but your protruding backpack gets a good share of the rain because a regular, round umbrella doesn’t protect that side too well (unless you’re using one of those huge umbrellas used by street vendors). Senz solves this glitch with its unique shape and trendy design. A perfect marriage of style and function. Why didn’t I know about this when I was in college?

It comes in different designs! 😀
The Senz umbrella is perfect for our tropical climate where we often have strong winds and typhoons. Its industrial design makes it windproof up to 100 km/hr (yep, it’s that specific). The best part is in spite of strong winds, it doesn’t flip inside-out! It’s got an ergonomic handle, provides UV protection, and protective eyesavers on the tips of the canopy. This has got to be the mother of all umbrellas!

Check out Brandedge’s website to know how much these goodies cost and how you can purchase them:
Or you can give them a visit at 

  • Unit 314 3rd Level C2 Bldg Bonifacio High Street Central 28th Street cor 7th Avenue, Taguig City
  • +632.808.6286



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