Geoffreview and Warner Bros. House Party Giveaway!

What’s a better party than a house partaaaaaay???
Whether it’s a dance battle in your living room, going crazy in the lawn, or your buds jumping fully clothed into the pool, house parties will always be epic!
Here’s your chance to relive those crazy college days (or high school if you’re that dope). Geoffreview, in partnership with Warner Bros., is giving away a House Party 5 DVD to one of our readers! Good to have if you needed some cool ideas to spice up that party you’re planning to have at home when your parents leave for vacation. Here’s a teaser to get you excited:

A pair of high school rappers have two major goals – make music and get hot girls. The best way to get both is to throw the biggest and best house party ever! The night of the party, one of the boys is grounded by his parents, so it’s up to his best friend to break him out of his house confinement and get the party started.

Celebrate party fun by playing with killer sound clips from the movie by triggering pads on the light-up soundboard. Click around on different pads and sounds to UNLOCK exclusive GIFs from the movie. Play with all the sounds to uncover all the hidden GIFs!

Get your entries through the Rafflecopter widget below. Contests ends on August 3, 2013.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This contest is open to resident of the US only.


  1. Blew this up , house party, Boom bap, Let's dance, Time to get busy,
    Our jam, skills, Off the floor, Let's do this,It's on, whoa,Back-up
    I've unlocked all.. i tried to click all many times.hahah

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