Cadbury Sweet Endings

One warm Thursday night, at classy EDSA-Shang,
I was invited to a screening by Cadbury and Nuffnang
I said yes, of course! I was excited to see
The much-anticipated, Guardians of the Galaxy!
In this post, I will share with you, the highlights of the night
The celebrities, the freebies, and all the delights!
How one awesome movie was made even better,
By a whole box of chocolates, best enjoyed together!


Just like when you rip open a Cadbury wrapper
The registration started with excitement and laughter!
The guests arrived early, promptly falling in line,
I found my place too, got some seats that are fine.
I made some Instagram posts and patiently waited,
Then voila! So cool! My posts are instantly printed!
To the Cadbury booth, I also explored.
They were raffling off an iPad! Now who could ignore?
 “An iPad would be nice. I’d love it!”, I thought.
So I dropped my own entry, my fingers were crossed,

Not long after, celebrities were with us in the cinema
Kelly Misa, Gino Quillamor, and Saab Magalona
Bloggers were also there, and most of them, I know
TalesFromTheTummy, The PickiestEater, GoJackieGo!
Hands were shook, cheeks were kissed, we exchanged a few greetings,
The anticipation was consistent – we’re excited for the screening!


The iPad winner was announced, I looked forward to it.
Like getting my first bite of Cadbury chocolate,
Sadly I wasn’t the winner, but I didn’t have to worry,
Because everyone in the cinema, got a whole box of Cadbury!

Everybody cheered, and loved Cadbury more,
“This is night is awesome! Its chocolates galore!”


The most awaited part of the event finally started,
Like how you savor Cadbury in your mouth ‘til it melted.
Guardians of the Galaxy started rolling, my eyes were fixed to the screen
“I can already tell that this is epic” I said, right on the first scene!

And true enough, the movie was a visual spectacle.
Reminded me of Star Wars, but with CGI more remarkable.
Direction was great, the script was both smart and funny
Where do I start with the cast? They’re hilariously crazy!
Of the recent Marvel movies, this is the most entertaining
If I watch it again, for sure I’d still be LOL’ing!


When the movie was over, we were cheered-up and delighted
But the fun doesn’t end there, “let’s extend the enjoyment!”
In the car, with my friends, we opened our boxes
So excited to try and repeat the whole process!
RIP. BITE. MELT. Then finally – ENJOY!
We savored more Cadbury, I exclaimed, “Oh boy!”

So that is what happened, that warm, Thursday night,
Thank you Cadbury and Nuffnang, ‘til next time, alright?

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