Blue Onion: A Review

We had a blast last night! I’ve been seeing Blue Onion whenever I go to Eastwood but it was the first time that I actually went in, and we had so much fun!
My buddies and I went to Eastwood after work coz’ hey, it’s a Friday and payday too! We first went to Agave (I’m also going to write a review about it so watch out. We also had a great time there) to have a few drinks and because the singer of the live band is our friend’s “acquaintance”.
So we got into Blue Onion some time past 1:30AM. It’s at Citywalk 2, Eastwood City, Pasig City. Usually by this time you would expect the clubs to be crowded already but there was so much room when we got in. We even got a table and the one next to us isn’t even occupied yet! You would wonder why because it’s a Payday Friday. I thought it’s either this place sucks, or we’re just lucky we got here before everyone else did.
Aaaand it turns out it’s a Lucky Payday Friday for us! After a few minutes people started coming in and the DJ started playing more familiar songs and mixes. At first he was just playing some slow-paced beats but eventually he set-up the clubbing mood as more people came in. You’re greeted by the dance floor right when you enter. It’s got a narrow ledge in front for the dancers, and right above it are more tables. Further up is the DJ’s booth. To the side is some space where ladies can get down and show off some pole-dancing. Well, okay maybe guys too.
Go past the dance floor and you’ll see the bar to your right. The waiters are polite and it’s easy to call them when you need anything. There are also some bouncers but they’re not those overly strict kill-joys who stop you just when you’re having fun. The food is just okay. We got some cocktails, beer, tofu, calamari, and sisig. Well you don’t go there for the food anyways, you’re there for the dancing!
We had SOOO much fun dancing! The place is not very crowded so we have enough room to dance! Every now and then they also got sexy female dancers who take over the ledge. I got no problem with it as long as they stayed up there and not take over our space on the dance floor with their splits and kicks.
The price is relatively friendly too! We got the table for a little over Php 2,400.00 and that’s consumable for drinks and food. A dance floor, upbeat music, nice crowd, and  good company. That’s how you define clubbing.
Have you been to Blue Onion? How was your experience?