Bling Ring OOTD: Styling-up With Syoss

I was one of the lucky few who were invited to the advanced screening of Bling Ring earlier this week. Right after the movie though, I had to contain the urge to go on a shopping spree! Watching it made me realize that I badly needed to update my wardrobe…if you can call it that.
Bling Ring is based on true events about a group of teenagers who broke into the houses of several Hollywood celebrities and stole whatever fancy they could find. Mind you, these aren’t “professional” thieves so sometimes I wonder who’s really got the problem – the kids for stealing, or the celebrities for leaving their properties unprotected.
The movie was full of brands and clothes and one-of-a-kind accessories, and it somehow made me reflect on my sense of style and I thought, “nope, not stylish at all”.
I’d look like a hobo if I stand next to these guys
So I decided to at least make an effort to style up a bit. I was invited to an event last week by Syoss – a renowned Japanese hair and beauty brand, and I was able to get a trick or two on how to style up and look trendy.

With fellow bloggers Seph and Mar, eager to get that makeover.
Styling up, the Syoss way
This doesn’t happen often but I won the raffle! Woohoo! 😀
The Beauty Junkee herself, Martha, having her hair done.

I’m not fashionably adept but I do know that hairstyle can easily make or break your whole look. A good outfit can be ruined if you don’t have the right hairdo.  This is why I took my time in styling up my hair – with some help of course. DIY makeovers are never easy for fashion noobs like me. The Syoss products I used were a huge help, as they made it way easier to manage my usually riotous strands and follicles. Wow I’m really taking this styling-up thing seriously, yeah?
Can you just see how sad I am with my look?
As you can see, my hair is usually a mess. That’s really how it looks like unless I make colossal efforts to keep everything in place. The anti-dandruff shampoo I use makes it dry and frizzy, so I was glad when I knew that Syoss had Moisture and Anti-Dandruff variants. These go with their own conditioners too!

Don’t mind Sawyer at the back. He loves photobombing.
Syoss professional performance styling wax to keep everything in place.
Whatcha think?
Since I wanted to somehow exude that Hollywood vibe just like those teens from Bling Ring , I decided to wear my Bailey hat as well. Mine’s from their Bailey of Hollywood collection. Perfect to top off that new hairdo.

To live up to the OOTD tradition, here’s what I’m wearing:

Hat – Bailey of Hollywood
Glasses – Cotton On
Shirt – Oxygen
Long-sleeved Button-down – Cotton On
Jeans – Penshoppe
Topsiders – Swatch

So what do you think? Stylish enough? I know it’s not much because I don’t steal garments from Hollywood celebrities, but it definitely is an improvement from my usual “don’t know, don’t care” sense of style.

Credits to all the images used in this post go to the the Bling Ring Movie,Syoss Facebook Page and/or to their respective owners. I do not own these images. No copyright infringement intended.



  1. I am not aware of that movie, and I might not get interested since it's about fashion. Yes, weird for a girl to say that. Haha.

    Good thing you were able to get some tips for fashion and styling! 🙂

  2. Oh I so wanna watch this movie too ^^
    Your style is so cool 🙂

    I'll tell my hubby bout Syoss products I think he will like it
    Thanks for sharin'

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