Thank YOU Sunrise Buckets

Thank YOU Sunrise Buckets for the treat!

I got a free half pound of Smokin’ BBQ from Sunrise Buckets. I haven’t tried this flavor before so I was excited when I was told I’m getting a half pound for free, and it was good! Although it still couldn’t top my favorite Sunrise Original.

I went there on wednesday night with a couple of friends to get my free bucket of awesome chicken. Of course, we couldn’t resist but order some more and try the other flavors. Aside from my free Smokin’ BBQ, we also had Juan’s and Sunrise Original. We ordered two and a half pounds since it’s only Php 499.00 on wednesdays.

Juan’s is also good. But again, nothing beats my favorite Sunrise Original.

That night was a pitcher of iced tea, three pounds of chicken, and three fully satisfied tummies, all rolled into one delightful Sunrise Buckets experience.

And oh, when you visit the Grove branch, be sure to check out their Blog Corner to see my review! You can also check it out here: