Wagyu Beef Recipe: How to Cook Wagyu Cubes at Home


Wagyu Beef Recipe: How to Cook Wagyu Cubes at Home: Lately I’ve been obsessing about Wagyu Beef Cubes. I don’t know what came into me, but the past few months I’ve been craving wagyu cubes all the time, that I’d actually go out of my way to go to Makati City just to buy half a kilo of frozen Wagyu beef cubes. Because of this craving I’ve actually learned how to cook wagyu cubes at home, not that it’s hard to do anyways. The key is to make sure that you don’t overcook the wagyu cubes, so that they stay soft, juicy, and flavorful!

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Where to Buy Wagyu Cubes in Manila

I buy Wagyu Cubes from Mamita’s Wagyu. The business is based on Imus, Cavite but they have a stall at the second level of Glorietta 3 in Makati City. You can buy cooked wagyu cubes at Php 100.00 per stick (with 4 cubes in each stick), or you can order frozen Wagyu that you can bring at home to cook at a later time. See the prices below:

Cooked Wagyu Cubes:

  • 1 Stick – Php 100
  • 1 Stick with Rice – Php 130
  • 2 Sticks with Rice – Php 220

Frozen Wagyu Cubes:

  • ¼ Kilo – Php 500
  • ½ Kilo – Php 800
  • 1 Kilo – Php 1,500

Other places that you can buy wagyu cubes in Manila are on food bazaars like Mercato. I saw some stalls selling wagyu cubes in Mercato BGC and Mercato Makati.



Wagyu Beef Recipe: How to Cook Wagyu Cubes at Home

Cooking your own wagyu cubes can be done in a jiffy. See the recipe below:

  1. Thaw out the frozen wagyu cubes.
  2. You can marinate the wagyu cubes in soy sauce or in liquid seasoning for around 10 minutes. However, wagyu cubes are really good on their own without having the need to be marinated.
  3. Heat your grill or non-stick pan.
  4. Place the wagyu cubes on the heated grill / pan. No need to add oil or butter. The wagyu cubes would produce oil naturally while grilling.
  5. Sear each side of the wagyu cubes with your preferred level of doneness. Wagyu cubes cook quickly, so make sure that you don’t overcook each side.
  6. You may brush it with sauce while grilling for added flavor.
  7. If you didn’t marinate or add sauce to the wagyu cubes, you may simply sprinkle salt and pepper to taste.

Watch our “How to Cook Wagyu Cubes at Home” video below for a more visual recipe:


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