Potato Corner Caramel and Green Peas Flavors

HUUUUUGE news, everyone (well, for me at least)! Well, I don’t know if I’m just late but apparently our much-loved Potato Corner now has Caramel and Green Peas flavors.
I first got a taste of these goodies at the launch of The Food Circuit at SM North a few days ago (you’ll also find Potato Corner there). At first I didn’t pay much attention to the flavors on display because they just looked like the Wasabi and Barbecue flavors. Turns out those were Potato Corner in Caramel and Green Peas!
The Caramel Flavor would be the sweeter option among the existing varieties, and I’m guessing this would be a favorite among the kids.
Potato Corner Caramel flavor
The Green Peas flavor on the other hand, tasted similar to Snacku. It was okay but I’d choose the other flavors over this one.
Potato corner Green Peas flavor
Now I’m not sure if these are already available in certain branches but I’m hoping for at least the caramel to be available soon. With the recent introduction of the Wasabi flavor and now Caramel and Green Peas, looks like Potato Corner is already finding more ways to keep our hands on their already irresistible fries!
Now I wonder how much a Potato Corner franchise is (or if ever they franchise at all). Would you know?

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