Juicesabel Vegan Diet Review

I have miserable memories of my childhood where I would go on a tantrum every time we have veggies for ulam. I dreaded the thought of eating talong, alugbati, kalabasa, or even just string beans. The worst days would be when our mom would serve ginisang ampalaya, and we would be obligated to eat as it’s revered to as one of the most nutritious vegetables.  I’m sure my mom just had our best interest in mind but I’m sure you’d agree with me that ampalaya is an acquired taste at the very least.
The rare times when we would have pork chop or adobo would be on special days, and so I grew up being extra-appreciative of meat, and a bit indifferent towards veggies (or at least with how they are cooked).
This is one of the reasons why I find it hard to imagine myself going full-blown vegan. Lately though I have started to appreciate vegetables dishes a bit more, especially amidst all the fuss about staying healthy and fit.. Sometimes, it’s not really the food itself, but how it’s presented that makes a lot of difference.

Juicesabel Vegan Diet

Vegan dishes aren’t so bad – this is what I have come to realize ever since I started ordering from Juicesabel. It’s an all-vegan café / diet delivery service / dealer of coldpressed juices, and from here on you can already tell that they are an advocate of healthy eating.

My officemates have been having this for lunch and they seemed to be pretty happy with what they’re eating, so I thought of joining in the bandwagon to see what this Juicesabel vegan diet is all about. Here are some of the dishes that we had:

Juicesabel Vegan Cheeseburger – Php 100.00

Given my apprehension about eating anything that has leaves, I started with the more tamed order and one that’s not that far from my regular diet – the vegan cheeseburger. I’m guessing that the patty is made of tofu and carrots, and according to my officemates, has “non-dairy vegan cheese”.  I’m not sure how that works but tastes decent enough for a burger, if you ask me.

Juicesabel 2 – pc Burgersteak – Php 150.00

I love how the cheeseburger also has a burgersteak version so I can imagine that I’m eating from Jollibee. Two huge vegan patties are paired with generous amount of red rice and tomatoes. You may get satiated though because of the patties’ tarty taste.

Juicesabel Eggplant Lasagna – Php 150.00

Lasagna is good, but how is it when made of eggplant? Sooo good apparently, and I gotta give a thumbs-up to Juicesabel for making me enjoy one the vegetables that I hate the most.

Coconut Meat, tofu, and Mushroom Adobo – Php 150.00

You can never go wrong with adobo, even if it’s made of vegetables! I already enjoy adobong string beans and adobong kangkong, but Juicesabel’s version of the well-loved Pinoy specialty is just pure genius. I can do away without the mushrooms though.

Vegan Honey Garlic Cauliflower – Php 150.00

One of my personal favorites, the Honey Garlic Cauliflower is like the vegan version of the tempura. The coated cauliflower was just so-so, but try having it with their specialty dip, and it’s magic to the taste buds.

Juicesabel Vegan Shawarma and Solo Pizza – Php 150.00

With all those greens, the shawarma actually looked more like a taco to me. The shredded greens are flavored with a tangy sauce and are mixed with what I believe to be either quinoa or ground tofu. Tastes okay but far from the usual shawarma taste, if you ask me.
The pizza on the other hand, is pretty good. I actually enjoyed it better than the shawarma. Tastes better when toasted.

Korean Bibimbap with Squash Tempura – Php 150.00 

The Korean bibimbap is also one of the favorites in our office. If you’re wondering, the “egg” is not an actual egg but I believe to be made up of tofu and vegan cheese (I’m not exactly sure though). This makes it some sort of bento meal, don’t you think?

Affordable Vegan Diet

The prices may be a bit intimidating on first look, but not when you realize that one order is actually good enough for two meals.
The 2-pc burgersteak and Vegan Honey Garlic Cauliflower for example, have such generous servings of veggies and red rice, that it’s actually hard to finish the whole thing even if you wanted to. This and the fact that you’re eating a lot of fiber, so you get fuller faster as well. When I ordered the adobo though, I almost finished the whole thing in one seating because I loved it so much..lol
For a vegan menu, Juicesabel is relatively affordable.

Eating Healthy VS Losing Weight

Now I’ve only tried Juicesabel for a week, so I can’t tell yet if going vegan with their menu is going to make significant changes to your body weight. If your objective is to start eating healthy, and you believe that meat is murder, then Juicesabel would be one of the best ways to go.  However, if your end-goal is to lose weight, I’m not sure if this is that fastest way to do so.
Going vegan may contribute to weight loss since the starch and fiber in vegetables should make you feel fuller for a longer period time. Furthermore, giving up processed food and fats from meat should help you lose a few pounds. Now I’m no dietician or weight-loss expert, but I believe that the key to losing weight is – as cliché as it may sound – having a balanced diet and exercise.
I personally think that going vegan is about lifestyle change, not losing weight.

Delivery is a Downer

Juicesabel’s delivery takes sooooo long that my officemates and I had to order at 10am to make sure that our meals arrive at 12nn. I’m not sure if this is their way of differentiating themselves from fastfood, or because each meal is made to order, but if you wanted to have your food just in time for lunch, make sure to place your orders 2 hours before your desired time.
If it’s any consolation, delivery is free in BGC, Ayala, Makati Ave, Salcedo Village, Legazpi Village, and San Antonio Village, Makati.
You can order from Juicesabel by sending a message to 0906-46-83426 (VEGAN). Visit their Instagram @juicesabelPH to check out their weekly menu.

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