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Default Cafe Pub Brings #TheNewDefault to your Homes


Default Cafe Pub: When was the last time that you had a drink with your friends? For me, it’s been aaaages. This quarantine is eating up not just my sanity, but my social life as well! I’m not a heavy drinker but I can’t deny that I miss having chill inuman sessions with my friends. I miss how our conversations would jump from one nonsense to another, how we let our guards down and share secrets, or let go of our inhibitions when the vodka starts telling us that “yes you can dance!”. Much more than the drinks themselves, it’s this bonding and companionship that I miss the most about sharing drinks with friends.

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It’s also this sense of community that kept Default Cafe and Pub thriving the past years. This millennial inuman spot is essentially still a baby, having started in 2017 by its charming owner, Bob Freking, who is also a personal friend. And yet in just a few years, it has already established a loyal community of young people who share the same energy and ideals as the establishment itself. Default takes pride in its progressive identity and fearless stand on social and political issues faced by its young patrons. Default is not just a cafe nor just a pub – it’s a safe space where everyone is welcome.

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Sadly, Default Cafe Pub has also been badly hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. With liquor bans and quarantines in place, it had no choice but to stop the operations of its physical cafe-pub. The good thing though is that the community that Default built is still very much alive. It helped, I guess, that its market is always online.

Default Cafe Pub into the New Normal

Default Cafe Pub has made pivot into the new normal by letting you bring their unique drinks into the comfort of your homes. You can now order Default frappetails, premium items, and even COVID-19 essentials from their online shop, and have them delivered right to your doorstep!

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Ordering is easy peasy. Simply go to their website, select the items you wish to purchase, pay, and check out. As a bonus, use the promo code geoffreview for free shipping!

I’ve tried two of their signature cocktails – the Cinnamon flavored “Lucifer”, which has rum, whiskey, vodka, and herbal liqueur; and the “Paradiso”, which is salted caramel flavored brandy. I lalaloved both drinks! As soon as you lift the bottle caps, you’ll smell the strong aroma of cinnamon and caramel – and they taste as food as they smell! Between the two, I liked the Paradiso more because I’m a sucker for anything sweet, yet still having that nice kick of alcohol that you’re looking for. I just had to hold back a little bit because it was so good, I didn’t notice that I’ve already had much!

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But just because you’re drinking from home, doesn’t mean you won’t get to experience being a part of the Default Community. Default Cafe and Pub has a Discord Group Chat which serves as an online space to discuss e-numan topics such as love, sex, career, politics, and anything else you’d normally discuss with friends over drinks.

You can also tune in to Default’s podcast “TND – The New Default”, on Spotify, Google Podcasts, and PocketCasts.

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