Keep Calm and Watch Movies

Back then, when I was younger, and you too, maybe,
Seeing movies didn’t really appeal to me.
“Too much effort!”, I said. “Time-consuming too”!
Go all the way to the malls? I’d stay home, thank you!
I’d just wait for the titles to be released on DVD,
Or worse, I’d just wait, for them on TV!
But then, I grew older! And you too, I’m sure!
The Dark Knight was showing, to the cinemas I was lured!
Batman was badass, he swept Gotham clean,
And the Joker, my gosh! He was nothing I’ve seen!
The action was intense! I held on to my seat!
It wasn’t yet over, but I already wanna repeat!
I was awed at the performance, of Christian Bale and Heath Ledger,
Now I can only see them, as Batman and Joker!
“This is awesome!” I said. My delight I couldn’t conceal,
It’s a movie, I know. But it felt so real!
The drama, cinematography, the action, choreography,
The execution, the logic, all the details, a beauty!
I left the cinema in a trance. My mind floating above,
I wanted some more, I think I was in love!
From then on I was on the lookout for new movie releases
Kept checking online, I wasn’t one who misses!
Del Torro, NolanAronofsky, Bay
The usual question was, “What’s showing today?”
Since then it’s been a series of movie marathons
Of course I also saw the ones considered as classics
Pulp Fiction, Donnie DarkoStar Wars, The Matrix!
Shawshank Redeption, Star Trek,  Alien, Schindler’s List
Fight Club, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Shining, The Machinist!
There’s more that I’ve seen, yet there’s more to see,
Damn Watching Movies, I fell in love with thee!
With my love for movies, I still watched the ones I knew,
That are boring and would suck, trust me they do.
These movies were bad, but what can I do?
I fell in love with watching movies, I can say it’s true.
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Keep Calm and Watch Movies, Stay cool, don’t freak out.
See you in the cinemas, this is the end, peace out! 
How about you? What movie made you fall in love with watching movies?
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  1. My love for watching movies started when I was very young. I grew up with the famous Disney characters that came out at the time (even the princess movies). My favorite was The Lion King. I learned to speak English early because of them. I'd say my favorite series is Harry Potter (a shame I haven't read the books), and my fave Pinoy movie is OTJ. I also like the films made by Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro) because of the eye-candy and very warming plots. Watching movies is fun because you learn and have fun in a 2 hour package. 🙂

  2. The Parent Trap! I watched it a hundred times when I was a kid! Got to memorize the lines, made me cut my bangs just like the twins, even taught me english!

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