Jabbawockeez: Back in the Philippines!


Urgent News for hip hop and Jabbawockeez fans like me! Jabbawockeez is back in the Philippines! They’re having a mall tour in select Ayala Malls and you can get the chance to meet them up close before all the dancing begins!!! Can you just feel my excitement with all the exclamation marks in my previous sentences?
Okay, I know you’re reading my post because you wanted to know when and where they’re gonna be so imma get right down to business. Here is the schedule of the different Ayala Malls that Jabbawockeez is going to visit in the Philippines this 2013:
January 16:
7PM at the Mindanao Open Parking
January 17:
6:30PM at the Activity Center
January 18
6:30PM at the New Activity Center
January 19
6PM at theActivity Center
January 20
5PM at the New Activity Center
I work very close to Market! Market! so I’m definitely going to be there on the 17th. My work finishes at 6PM so this is perfect! I’m so excited, I can’t help but show my fanboy side!
Oh and Super Cr3w is their special guest so this is also a great chance to meet and greet them in person.
Just to prove to you how much of a fan I am, here is a picture of me and the members of Jabbawockeez when I first met them (Yep, I have actually already met them before in person, but they’re sooo amazing I won’t mind meeting them again for the second, third, or “gazillionth” time). With the help of a special friend, we got back stage access to them when they performed in ASAP on their previous visit here in the Philippines. I was trying so hard to remain calm in this picture, given that I was already freaking out inside for seeing them in person.
Good thing I didn’t faint
Just to make this post more informative, here are the existing members of Jabbawockeez. I really hope I get to meet (and hopefully also greet?) them all in person during their mall tour this Thursday:
Ben “B-Tek” Chung
Joe “Punkee” Larot
Chris “Cristyle” Gatdula
Kevin “KB” Brewer
Rynan “Kid Rainen” Paguio
Jeff “Phi” Nguyen
Phil “Swagger Boy” Tayag
Tony “Transformer” Tran
Established in 2003, Jabbawockeez is the winner of the first season of Randy Jackson’s America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC). Known for their signature dance moves and iconic masks and gloves, the Jabbawockeez brought hip hop and street dance to a whole new level by applying theatrical moves and “stories” to their routines. I believe the reason behind their masks is that when they perform, they wanted to be seen as a unit and that the performance be seen as a whole, not as individual dancers performing in the routine. This makes perfect sense and just makes them more amazing to me.
For those who are wondering, the name of the group is inspired by Lewis Caroll’s poem, “Jabberwocky”. If you’ve seen the latest Alice in Wonderland film (the one with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter), you’ll see the Jabberwocky as the “dragon” that Alice slays to defeat the Red Queen.
Anyways, if any of you guys are also seeing their show at Market! Market! on the 17th, let me know and maybe we can watch together as fans? Make sure to like their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Jabbawockeezor visit their website at http://www.jbwkz.com.
 The first image in this post from the Jabbawockeez facebook page. I do not own this image. No copyright infringement intended.


  1. OMGGGGGGG!! I would love to see 'em 🙂
    Thanks for the info I hope I can find time :
    They are awesome and love watching 'em when they dance so pro!

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