PIZZA FOR DESSERT!: Domino’s Apple Crumble Pizza


Okay I’m not really sure if this is more of a pizza or a pie, but the name says “Pizza” so let’s call it one. Let’s get right away to the bottomline: IT’S A MUST TRY! Definitely one of my favorite desserts so far.

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t really look very tempting but trust me, you’re gonna love it. If you’ve read my previous posts you probably already know I’m not that much into cheese, but this tastes so good I don’t mind that it’s basically apple, streusels, and cheese in a pie…fine, pizza.

You can just see in my pictures I couldn’t wait to satisfy my craving, I had to eat a slice before taking pictures of it.

I was a bit disappointed though since we couldn’t use our D-Card for it. A D-Card is basically like a loyalty card for Domino’s customers. If you’re buying a pizza and you present your card, you get another pizza for free! It’s basically Buy 1 Take 1 for all pizzas! Isn’t that neat?

Well apparently not that neat. Since it’s called a pizza, we were expecting to get another one with our D-Card. But no, the D-Card doesn’t apply to the Apple Crumble Pizza.

So what is it really???

The Apple Crumble Pizza costs Php 149.00 for a 7-inch order. Enough for two friends – if I’m not the friend you’re with.