Calling all Foodies! FOODGASM IS BACK!

A shout-out to all foodies!
Whether you’re a food-business owner, a blogger, or just someone who’s extra-appreciative of really good food, I’m sure you’ll be very interested with this one. The U.P. Economics Society brings us back FOODGASM! – A much-awaited food taste-testing event and competition that features up and coming food business from around the metro. At least 30 businesses will be showcasing their best dishes to be tasted and judged by distinguished food bloggers and special chef-judges. I can imagine that this is going to be one huge buffet of specialty dishes and delicacies!

If you also want to get a taste of the grub that’s going to be served at the event, be sure to be at Mercato Centrale on August 31, 2013. The event starts at 7PM so you’ve got the whole day to prepare your tummy for the barrage of dishes that it’s going to get!
If you’re a food-business owner and you’re up for the competition, check out the poster below for the details on how to join. This is your chance to showcase to the world that secret recipe of your specialty dish! Give the foodies a taste of what you’ve got! The winner will receive prizes of 10,000 Pesos, a free selling space in Mercato for 1 month, online promotions of your winning entry and shop by 25 famous bloggers and more!

I’m one of the foodie-blogger judges who will be reviewing and judging the dishes of our participants, so if you see me wandering around with grub on both hands, feel free say to hi! Don’t worry, I don’t bite (much).

You can check out their Facebook page here for more details. See you there!