These Posters for all the Jump Street Sequels are Hilarious!

One of the best gems in 22 Jump Street is in the closing credits where the movie made fun of itself with a series of spoofs of sequels all the way to 43 and even 2121 Jump Street. It’s hilarious I’m telling ya, and it’s actually one of the parts that I enjoyed the most from the movie!
Some of them were more memorably amusing than the others like numbers 38 and 42, but I’ve also been wanting to recall the rest for some good laugh. 
I finally found them from imgur earlier today! I’m telling you you’ve got to see all of these!

There are some rumors that 23 Jump Street is in the works, not quite sure though if it really is going to be Medical School. What do you think would be cool to have as a real movie? My vote still goes for Number 38! LOL.
Sources: imgur JoBlo

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